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Re term Blessed & St Augustine(was Re: Glorifications by HOCNA)

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  • Philosoph
    MN said: St. Dimitry Rostovsky translated from Greek, Life of Saint in 12 books in Chet y Minei and the life of Blessed Augustine is not in it. Certainly
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 6, 2005
      MN said: "St. Dimitry Rostovsky translated from Greek, Life of Saint in 12
      books in "Chet'y Minei" and the life of Blessed Augustine is not in it.
      Certainly his life is well known to people and if he was considered a saint
      at that time in the Greek or Russian Church his life would have been
      published in Greek Chery Minei when it was translated into Russian."

      Firstly, I would like ask the following; it seems from your emails, that

      1 - you are proposing that there exists a class of semi-saints
      2 - you are stated that St Augustine is not a saint

      Could you clarify your position.

      In refutation of a number of points you have taken I will reference a number
      of things.

      In the monastery of Varlaam of the Meteora, there is a fresco of Saint
      Augustine painted by Theophanes the Cretan(16th C). St Dimitry of Rostov
      was born in 1651(17 C). Therefore your statement is incorrect, he has
      always been considered a Saint..

      Also, your premise that St Augustine was well known is incorrect. St
      Augustine was not well know prior to the 18 C, when St Nicodemus the
      Hagiorite entered St Augustine in his Synaxaristes. "[St Nicodemus] noted
      that he regrets that very few of [Augustine's] works have been translated
      into Greek for the spiritual benefit and edification of the Greek Orthodox
      people. He says we are deprived (sterometha) of the spiritual wealth of
      these valuable writings." After his addition to the Synaxaristes, St
      Augustine began to appear in various books and calendars throughout Russia
      and Greece.

      Saint Gennadios Scholarios stated the following at the Council at
      "if anyone does not believe and call Augustine saint and blessed, he is

      Also of interest in this quote is that St Gennadios does not use the terms
      'Saint' and 'Blessed' as seperate terms.

      St Photios states the following concerning St Augustine & Ambrose:

      "Though they were otherwise arrayed with the noblest reflections, they were
      human. If they slipped and fell into error, therefore, by some negligence or
      oversight, then we should not gainsay or admonish them. But what is this to

      Also, I took notice that in the St John of Krondstadt Calendar they list him
      as St Augustine the Blessed, bp of Hippo. I presume to avoid this sort of
      word based attacks against the Saint.

      I think it is interesting to go to the OCA website with the lives of the
      Saints and enter 'Blessed' in the search. The results are greatly varied in
      who is called Blessed. http://oca.org/FSlives.asp

      yours in Christ,
      St Sophia
      Victoria, BC
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