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Re: [rocorclergy-churchaffairs] Boston Menaion -- Just to set the record straight

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  • Fr. John R. Shaw
    ... JRS: I was thinking of Fr. Lawrence s Unabridged Horologion when I wrote that, and of some old printouts of the SJKP Menaion that are still in our
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 30, 2005
      Fr. Gregory Williams wrote:

      > It is odd that Fr. John shows no
      > awareness of the fact that, far from being ³typescripts², the looseleaf
      > Menaion services (and akathist hymns) published by SJKP have been in
      > carefully formatted versions for many years.

      JRS: I was thinking of Fr. Lawrence's "Unabridged Horologion" when I wrote that, and of some
      old printouts of the SJKP Menaion that are still in our church.

      > He also shows no awareness that the first complete Menaion ever to be
      > published in English, in twelve hardbound volumes, is now completely sold
      > out.

      JRS: No, I was not aware of that.

      > The Psalter...

      JRS The following is an excerpt from a private e-mail I received from another priest, earlier

      "As you
      know, Father Michael Gelsinger honored me with his friendship (and
      several welcome gifts from his library).

      "Yes, that is Father Michael's
      Psalter, as I have good reason to know. Unlike the monastery, he had
      the honesty to report that he built on the work of a distinguished
      predecessor (his name escapes me at the moment but Father Michael
      mentions it in the introduction to his Orthodox Hymns in English). In
      consequence, the alleged copyright held by the monastery is so much
      Hogwash from Hogtown."

      > Many, many people were and remain unhappy with the Boston Psalter, whether
      > because of its source, or because of its language (or both). Those of us
      > raised on the Coverdale Psalter (mostly onetime Anglicans) for the most part
      > find it ungainly. There was a good reason for which the KJV Psalter never
      > replaced the Coverdale in Anglican usage.

      JRS: I recently typed out the 17th Kathisma in 4 columns: Greek, Gallican-Latin (the version
      that was used in the Western Church from the early centuries till the mid-20th century), pre-
      Niconian Slavonic, and Coverdale English.

      The Coverdale version really has a lot to recommend it.

      I really did not find a single passage in that Kathisma that I thought was in need of

      There are a few places where it gives what I consider a corrupt reading, but by and large, I'm
      a lot more comfortable with that, than with the Boston version.

      Incidentally, the Hours and other services as printed in Hapgood, do use the Coverdale

      In Christ
      Fr. John R. Shaw
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