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  • Mitin, Stiva
    Some response to various postings over the past few days. I wonder what the MP and Patriarch Alexii have plans on this day... On 17.07, Chanel1 (Russia)
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 19, 2005
      Some response to various postings over the past few days.

      I wonder what the MP and Patriarch Alexii have plans on this day...

      On 17.07, Chanel1 (Russia) reported that there was a 20km krestny khod
      from the Church on the Spilt Blood in Yekaterinburg to the Ganina Pit
      where the remains of the Royal Family was found. I also saw parts of
      the moleben from the Cathedral of Sts Peter and Paul in SPb. There
      were also similar events in Kiev
      http://www.patriarhia..ru/db/text/28939.html , Vladivostok
      http://www.patriarhia..ru/db/text/28937.html , Moscow and other places
      of "the former Russian Empire" as www.pravosalvie.ru writes.

      On 18.07, Chanel1 showed Patriarch Alexey serving liturgy in HT-SS
      Lavra. There was then a 3-4 minute segment on Sts Elizaveta and
      Varvara, showing the new church in Alpayevsk, being built at the site
      of their martyrdom. The report then went to Beijing to the site of the
      former Russian Orthodox Cemetery/Russian Spiritual Mission, which is
      now a golf putting center. The report explained how the coffins of all
      the Alapayevsk martyrs were evacuated to China and ultimately Sts
      Elizaveta and Varvara were brought to the Holy Land, "where they are
      great ROCOR relics." The relics of Grand Dukes Sergei Mihailovich,
      Ioann and Konstantinovichi and Vladimir Paley are thought to still be
      somewhere buried at the golf center. A Russian believer in Beijing is
      actively working with Chinese Orthodox to try to find the remains and
      have them brought back to the Sts Martha & Mary Convent in Moscow,
      where the current Igumenya Elizaveta would gladly welcome them.

      Here's an example of a similar Church Cupola with a moon, (on the
      bottom of the webpage) and notice the way the cross is accurate
      understood it's a cross, and not upside down:

      This is apples and oranges. You have submitted actual photographs of
      cupolas and not drawings. The crescent has long been used on cupolas
      to show the victory of Orthodoxy over the muslim (or in the case of
      XXC, French) infidels. The cross is not upside down. Crosses portrayed
      as such only have one bar and the moon. I think the drawing is the
      Church of the Protection on the River Nerl in Vladimir. The church is
      drawn on the diagonal. I am sorry, but I do not see that the cross is
      slanted or at an angle. My only comment is that the bar is drawn
      slightly lower than normal. When will this insanity end?


      On the same subject, about Cupola & Crosses, some new churches have
      swastikas on top of their Crosses in modern times, crosses that have
      been resurected...

      Why criticize the MP for something done by some local priest? Is what
      happened in Texas representative of the whole (or even a part) of
      ROCOR? Of course not!

      The Soviets never had any of this. The end of Communism was a sham.
      Everyone who's been around 20 years ago is still around and still in

      You really should watch the Russian news. On a daily basis there is
      reportage from all over the country of oblast' governors, businessmen,
      policemen, police chiefs, soldiers, firemen, politicians etc, you name
      it. And, quite remarkably, they all appear to be under 40. I know
      collective memories fade, but my recollection is that the USSR was
      known for its geriatric government. Are you saying that all of these
      people who appear on the news, who would have been in their
      teens/early 20's during the collapse of the USSR, are still in the
      same positions? Yelstyn was seen the other day at the Davis Cup,
      cheering on the Russian team. Gorbachev runs his little NWO NGO, so
      neither has much say in Putin's Russia.


      Doesn't it strike you as odd the Patriarch personally awarding
      Orthodox church orders to heads of Russian equivalent of CIA and FBI
      in separate appointments in the space of one week ?

      NO! If they deserved the order, why should they not have received it?
      There are frequent stories of the Russian security forces returning
      caches of icons and other religious items to the Church, which were
      trying to be smuggled out of Russia. Is this not a good thing? Are
      there not believing Anglicans in the MI5, devout Jews in the Mosaad
      and whatever assortment of believers in the FBI/CIA? Can you explain
      why Russia is not entitled to have its equivalent of the CIA/FBI?
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