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[orthodox-synod] Vs: [KDN] Reuters Orthodox Church Heads Meet in Jerusalem for Christmas

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      Subject: [KDN] Reuters Orthodox Church Heads Meet in Jerusalem for Christmas

      > Orthodox Church Heads Meet in Jerusalem for Christmas
      > 02:38 p.m Jan 04, 2000 Eastern
      > By Christine Hauser
      > JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Church bells resounded
      > through Jerusalem's Old City on Tuesday as
      > leaders of 14 Orthodox Churches staged an
      > unprecedented gathering as part of their
      > Christmas celebrations.
      > ``It's a historical event because it's the first
      > time that all the heads of the Orthodox
      > Churches, the patriarchs, have gathered here
      > together to celebrate Orthodox Christmas,'' said
      > Uri Mor, a director in the Religious Affairs
      > Ministry.
      > ``It's also a historical event because it's the
      > beginning of the millennium and all of them came
      > together in the Holy Land.''
      > Under steady rain, 14 archbishops and
      > patriarchs, in black robes and holding silver
      > staffs, shuffled under wide umbrellas through
      > the narrow cobblestone alleys of the Old City,
      > sacred to the three monotheistic religions.
      > Palestinians in marching band uniforms played
      > drums and church bells rang as the procession
      > wound its way to the Church of the Holy
      > Sepulchre in the heart of the Old City.
      > Merchants steadied their wares as the throng of
      > somber pilgrims pressed against the narrow walls
      > of the alleys, brushing against wind chimes,
      > bottles of holy water and crowns of thorns
      > selling for $2.
      > Pilgrims cheered as the patriarchs arrived at the
      > church, and joined them singing hymns in the
      > high-domed, candlelit building located on the
      > traditional site of Christ's crucifixion, burial and
      > resurrection.
      > Inside the church, pilgrims reverently pressed
      > bottles of holy water and candles to the slab of
      > salmon-colored rock where they believe Jesus'
      > body was anointed.
      > ``This is the first time all the Orthodox Churches
      > all over the world are celebrating the birth of
      > Christ in this one place,'' said Bishop Meliton of
      > Constantinople.
      > The Orthodox churches of Constantinople,
      > Alexandria, Antioch, Jerusalem, Moscow,
      > Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Georgia, Cyprus,
      > Athens, Poland, the Czech Republic and Albania
      > were represented.
      > The head of the Syrian Orthodox church did not
      > attend for ''political reasons,'' a Jerusalem
      > patriarchate official said.
      > Israel and Syria, still officially at war with one
      > another, were holding their second round of
      > peace talks in the United States on Tuesday.
      > On Thursday the church officials were to meet in
      > the Palestinian-ruled town of Bethlehem for a
      > Christmas mass due to be attended by
      > Palestinian President Yasser Arafat and former
      > Russian president Boris Yeltsin.
      > The presidents of Romania, Belarus, Ukraine,
      > Greece, Moldova and Cyprus were also
      > scheduled to attend.
      > Orthodox Christians observe Christmas on
      > January 7, using the Julian calendar which
      > differs by 13 days from the Gregorian calendar
      > used by most Catholics and Protestants.
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