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Dialogue with Rome

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  • Mitin, Stiva
    The key words below are Reality Check. Some comments are interspersed below this will be my last post on the topic... ... This is very true. Even if the pope
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 8, 2005
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      The key words below are Reality Check. Some comments are interspersed below

      this will be my last post on the topic...
      > I guess I just wanted to share these articles with others...
      > June 7, 2005
      > Pope dream: Healing ancient Christian rift a distant glimmer
      > The Associated Press
      > But then comes a reality check. Even the smallest steps toward
      > reconciliation can kick up disputes that require the finesse of a
      > diplomat and the perspective of a historian to overcome. And, in the end,
      > any serious bids at rapprochement will force the Vatican to
      > confront some core differences such as honoring Orthodoxy's traditions of
      > autonomous leadership and married clergy.
      > Greek theologian Athanasios Papathanasiou calls it "the pain of brotherly
      > debate."
      > It's made more acute because the ancient divide reaches beyond religious
      > differences, which are mostly over liturgical points and
      > joint recognition of sacraments. The bigger gulf, clerics and theologians
      > say, is one of conflicting perceptions and priorities. ..
      > When Vatican leaders look east, they see a patchwork of Orthodox churches
      > with a shared fellowship in the roots of Christianity. ..
      > The Orthodox view of the West, however, is often shaded by historical
      > grievances - religious and political - and deep suspicion
      > of Vatican motives and power... "The deeper skepticism to any improved
      > relations resides within Orthodoxy."
      > No clear vision exists about what type of unity is even possible or
      > desirable. ..

      This is very true. Even if the pope fell on his knees tomorrow and asked
      forgiveness in front of all the Orthodox Patriarchs, it is inconceivable
      that Roman Catholics would suddenly "become Orthodox". Imagine that they
      would no longer be able to go to Mass on Saturdays or run out of Mass on
      Sundays after only 45 minutes, just in time to catch brunch at the local
      restaurant. Or they would have to start fasting on Fridays again (to say
      nothing of Wednesdays and the 4 fasts). Or start going to Confession. Forget
      the doctrinal divisions and all the wrongs by the Latins. The spirit and
      essence of RCism is 180 degrees from that of Orthodoxy.

      Many Orthodox see these churches as Roman Catholic encroachment and attempts
      > to poach followers. Hard-line Orthodox go further. To them, all non-Orthodox
      > Christians are heretics.

      Slight factual error here.I would say a great many Orthodox view the
      heterodox as heretics.

      "Repent!" a small group of Orthodox zealots shouted through bullhorns
      > outside the conference.

      Well, this was one positive outcome of the WCC Conference in Athens. If the
      other denominations didn't know it before, they sure know it now. They're


      Имъ нужны великія потрясенія — намъ нужна Великая Россія.
      — Столыпинъ, Петръ Аркадьевичъ

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