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Tsar Michael

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  • Mitin, Stiva
    ... I m afraid that if you look too closely into Russian history, you will find a lot of unpleasant surprises. One mistake of the Russian emigre community is
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2005
      I few comments on V Kozyreff's postings:

      > I wrote (message 14143): "In Russia, Emperor Peter III served as
      > grand master of the Russian grand lodge, which was organized in St.
      > Petersburg in 1771".

      I'm afraid that if you look too closely into Russian history, you will
      find a lot of unpleasant surprises. One mistake of the Russian emigre
      community is that their expectations for Russia are very high and even
      seem to be higher than the standard which was the norm in pre-1917
      Holy Russia. Only if the Lord were to rule Russia Himself would there
      be a perfect country. The Russians in Russia are no more or less
      sinners than those of us in the West. A reality check is desperately

      > > and Zbigniew Brzezinski

      Thanks for the opportunity to remind one and all to read the works of
      this vile russophobe. Know they enemy!

      > Many Russians do not share such an enthusiasm for this line. We never
      > saw them in our struggle against communism and in defence of our
      > Church or national honour. We deeply resented their abandoning the
      > ROCOR, courting (as many Russian nobles do) Sobchak and other former
      > communists in search of legitimacy, and being courted in the West by
      > a rather mundane entourage.

      Most Russian nobles (at least in Europe) seem to attend the Paris
      Exarchate and not ROCOR. I suppose the term "cultural Orthodox" might

      > The line is inunspriring also from the fact that Grand Duke Kyrill,
      > then military governor of St Petersburg, hoisted the red flag on his
      > house in 1917 (a few years ago, I visited this house on the Neva
      > embankment, when it was rented for a day by my firm for a
      > conference).

      The Russian noble families, including the House of Romanov, served
      Russia for better or worse for centuries. In the new Russia, as she
      regains her place at the table, I belive it is time to move. Call a
      new All-Russian Veche and select a new dynasty for the Russian throne.
      Surely with millions of Russians a suitable and worthy candidate could
      be found from within, without having to take someone from the House of
      Windsor, of all places. What on earth could Maria Vladimirovna or her
      son possibly know about ruling Russia? And if the House of
      Karagorgevich's return to Serbia is any example, the return of the
      Romanovs to Russia would be just as uninspiring.

      > Below is an unfavourable dynsastic discussion. I know there are
      > others, more favourable, for instance:
      > http://www.chivalricorders.org/royalty/gotha/russuclw.htm

      I realize that there are a lot of monarchist buffs. But the depth of
      the article, with hyperlinked footnotes is quite breathtaking. And
      considering that the author isn't even Russian.


      Имъ нужны великія потрясенія — намъ нужна Великая Россія.
      — Столыпинъ, Петръ Аркадьевичъ
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