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Re: Long Live Tsar Michael !!!

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  • vkozyreff
    Dear List, Prince Michael of Kent, son of George, Duke of Kent gave up his right to the throne in 1978 when he married the Roman Catholic Baroness
    Message 1 of 21 , Jun 2, 2005
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      Dear List,

      Prince Michael of Kent, son of George, Duke of Kent gave up his right
      to the throne in 1978 when he married the Roman Catholic Baroness
      Marie-Christine von Reibnitz of Bohemia. They have two children, Lord
      Frederick Windsor, born in 1979; and Lady Gabriella Windsor, born in

      There was embarrassment in the Eighties when Princess Michael of
      Kent's father, Baron Gunther von Reibnitz, was exposed as a former
      Nazi party member and SS officer.

      " It was being speculated for over a year, but now it appears that
      Lady Gabriella Windsor, called Ella and 30th in line to the British
      throne, will marry Aatish Taseer, 24-year-old son of the columnist
      Tavleen Singh, soon. Prince and Princess Michael Kent will reportedly
      announce that their 23-year-old daughter is to marry Aatish early
      this year. The Prince and the Princess have no problem with Aatish
      who, although born of a Muslim father, is said to be a practising
      Sikh. In fact the Princess, who considers Aatish as one of the most
      handsome young man, once reportedly said she would have no objection
      if Prince Williams married a Muslim girl. .. [India Express Bureau]"


      I wonder whether the Prince is not a bit too "open minded" to be a
      reasonable candidate for an orthodox throne.

      In God,

      Vladimir Kozyreff

      --- In orthodox-synod@yahoogroups.com, "vkozyreff"
      <vladimir.kozyreff@s...> wrote:
      > Dear Roman,
      > I discussed a few times on this forum the meaning of "do not judge"
      > and the necessity to judge for any Christian. Your message,
      > is a sum of condemnations and insults of the kind that we should
      > avoid and that is not expected from a historian, in my view.
      > your message (whcih is more offensive than the ones you criticised)
      > says that some members of this List:
      > 1. have disappointed you
      > 2. are below the expected level
      > 3. have shown dizzying lack of charity.
      > 4. are "vile" "Conspiracy theorists".
      > 5. are "foaming nationalists"
      > 6. are "angry juridictionalists".
      > 7. are a shame
      > 8. are forgetting basics and the fact that their correspondents
      > are made in the image of God.
      > You add that you have tolerated the above with difficulty and that
      > the moderator has failed.
      > Concerning your attacks which I felt directed at least in part to
      > I woulkd like to stress that:
      > I am not vile in thinking that there are conspiracies (Vl Averky of
      > Syracuse spoke about them).
      > I am not a foaming nationalist, but I love Russia.
      > I am not an "angry juridictionalist", but I am sad at ROCOR's
      > evolution.
      > The conversation about racial features on this List is unimportant.
      > I would like to say the following about the Russian succession:
      > judgement on the Kyrill Vladimirovich line as candidates to the
      > throne seems wrong and not very well informed to me, especially
      > the spiritual angle. You overlook their treason of the Emperor and
      > Russia in 1917, their absence by the Russian orthodox anti
      > patriots in the West, their lack of dignity before Russia's new
      > leaders ad their betraying ROCOR. They have not impressed anybody
      > the White Russian emigration. They have never shown any kind of
      > leadership.
      > I met a few people that had "put themselves at the service of Her
      > Highness", who looked like operetta courtisans more than anything
      > else and others that had been "ennobled". For years, we have been
      > trying to associate them with our actions. The only response that
      > received once, is that Her Highness Maria Vladimirovna accepted to
      > attend a Russian charity ball in Brussels. She only cared about
      > winning at the lottery and getting flattered. Prince George is
      > working at the European Commission in Brussels. Attempts to
      > communicate with him from the Russian orthodox community have been
      > ignored.
      > In God,
      > Vladimir Kozyreff
      > --- In orthodox-synod@yahoogroups.com, "Russell Martin"
      > <MartinRE@w...> wrote:
      > > Dear List,
      > >
      > > How disappointing. This is a very interesting and important
      > that could have spawned any number of edifying and relevant
      > offshoots. But, alas, the thread has gone the way of mutual
      > misunderstandings, of misspoken words, of hurt feelings and
      > apologies, and of dizzying lack of charity. I have long tolerated
      > the vile things that are sometimes said on this list by conspiracy
      > theorists, foaming nationalists, and angry jurisdictionalists. But
      > am I really alone in thinking that the time has come to go back to
      > basics and remember that we all are in a community based on shared
      > belief and love, and that the anonymity that one might be afforded
      > our computers doesn't allow us to behave as if the person on the
      > receiving end of our emails aren't people with feelings and worth,
      > all made in the image and likeness of God?
      > >
      > > What a disappointment. What a shame.
      > >
      > > Is it time for more energetic moderation of the contributions to
      > this list?
      > >
      > > Roman Martin
      > >
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