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Re: Red Square [was: Patriarch poses with NKVD General: Stop it!]

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  • vkozyreff
    Dear List, Below is more about the meaning of Krasniy (Red, beautiful): The land that Red Square is situated on was originally covered with buildings, but
    Message 1 of 2 , May 30, 2005
      Dear List,

      Below is more about the meaning of "Krasniy" (Red, beautiful):

      The land that Red Square is situated on was originally covered with
      buildings, but was cleared in Moscow's great fire of 1493. The newly-
      opened area (originally known simply as the Pozhar, or "burnt-out
      place") gradually came to serve as Moscow's primary marketplace.

      Later, it was also used for various public ceremonies and
      proclamations, and occasionally as the site of coronation for
      Russia's tsars. The square has been gradually built up since that
      point, and has been used for official ceremonies by all Russian
      governments since it was established.

      The name of Red Square derives not from the colour of the bricks
      around it, nor from the link between the colour red and Communism.
      Rather, the name came about because the Russian word Êðàñíàÿ
      (krasnaya) can mean either "red" or "beautiful".

      The word was originally applied (with the meaning "beautiful") to
      Saint Basil's Cathedral (in fact, the Church of the protection of the
      Mother of God, my note), and was subsequently transferred to the
      nearby square. It is believed that the square acquired its current
      name (replacing the older Pozhar) in the 17th century.


      In the Pascal Canon, we sing : "Ïàñõà êðàñíàÿ, Ïàñõà, Ãîñïîäíÿ
      Ïàñõà!" "Paskha krasnaya, Paskha, Gospodnaya Paskha!..."

      In the song « Vdol po Volge ryekye » (down the Volga river), the
      young man sings: "ß çàäóìàëñÿ, Ïðèãîðþíèëñÿ Îá îäíîé äóøå, Êðàñíîé
      äåâèöå », "Ya zadumalsya, prigoriunilsya ob odnoy dushe, krasnoy
      dyevitse "I came to think and feel sad about a soul, about a
      beautiful girl".

      Vladimir Kozyreff

      --- In orthodox-synod@yahoogroups.com, "Fr. John R. Shaw"
      <vrevjrs@e...> wrote:
      > Michael Tscheekar wrote:
      > > Someone was also "scandalized" by the fact that the photo was
      > > taken at the Kremlin wall in Red Square. Red Square!
      > >
      > > Red Square has now also been the venue of Pascha processions and
      > > prayers of a quarter of a million pilgrims filling the square on
      > > return of the Kazan icon. Red Square is sanctified by the church
      at its
      > > south end and by the chapel at its north entrance.
      > JRS: There is nothing political about the name "Red Square" -- it
      has nothing to do with
      > "Reds"!
      > The name in Russian, "Krasnaya Ploschad'", might better be
      translated as "Beautiful Square"
      > -- "krasny" means "beautiful" in Slavonic and older Russian. It was
      so named because of the
      > many churches and chapels.
      > In Christ
      > Fr. John R. Shaw
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