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[orthodox-synod] ecumenism - baptism - etc.

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  • Nikolaj
    Dear Friends Peace! 1) Ecumenism is the worst evil threatening Orthodox Christianity. It is so, because it disguises itself in human rights democracy and
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 31, 1999
      Dear Friends

      1) Ecumenism is the worst evil threatening Orthodox Christianity. It is so, because it disguises itself in "human rights" "democracy" and other modernistic principles not loyal to Christianity. "Human rights" activists are always advocating material and "political rights" of muslems and heterodox - never of the Orthodox Christians. Kosovo is a good example.
      Democracy is also a heretic lie - Christ our God was not elected democratically" ? He was murdered as a result of "democracy"
      Humanism substitutes the salvation through Christ with a paycheck to red-cross or similar. Humanism has exchanged our clergy with it's own. Through "therapy", "counselling", "psychology" and "psychiatry" and other even worse heretic "new-age" practices, does humanism offer a satanic and seducing copy of Christian salvation. A copy except for the fact that it promises "earthly justice" and promises salvation through "human rights".
      That is why the principle of "human rights" is the ecumentists best weapon. Many of them have no idea that they are running errands for the devil.

      2) Why are some "orthodox" believers always so fast to accept and embrace muslems and papists - and have so much "love" for these heretics and apostates, while they scorn the Orthodox believers of their OWN faith, that are against ecumenism?
      I sometimes wonder why these people call themselves Orthodox at all? If Orthodox means preserving Tradition and the right faith, then it cannot include praying with heterodox, or working in committees with muslems or budhhists.
      If they are so in love with these religions and heretic denominations, they are not Orthodox in their souls. One cannot love Christ and then be the Judas of the Ecumenism!!

      3) Of course there is no Baptism outside the Orthodox Church. Since Baptism performed by papists or protestants are performed in churches that we are not in communion with, their baptismal-rituals are not valid with the Orthodox Church. It is not very complicated to understand.
      A newcomer, when told that he needs Baptism sometimes think líke this: "How can he (the priest) judge my faith?" "Can I not believe in Christ, without Baptism?" - In other ways I thought like a protestant, that The Orthodox Tradition was all about "thinking in the right way" it is not about thinking - but about obtaining salvation through a life in Christ.
      To let protestants or papists interpret Holy Orthodox Tradition destroys the very spiritual core of Holy Orthodox Tradition.
      Those Believers who have not been baptised in the Orthodox Church has been deprived of the most precious gift of the Church!
      Depriving believers of Holy Baptism is a crime committed against these people, by ignorant and apostatized clergy and even bishops!! Shame on these shepherds for not preserving the Holy Tradition.

      Dear Friends in Christ. Some of you will be very angry with me now. I will though, not be silent in the face of ecumenism. Never!
      I post this message out of love for my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. We should indeed yield to the Tradition and come together in the Orthodox Church of Christ Our God, because there we have true unity in Faith and spirit - never in a man-made ecumenical movement, made by clever politicians to seduce the Orthoox Faithful.

      God bless your day.
      In Christ
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