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Meliton reinstated in position of influence

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    Message 1 of 1 , May 12, 2005
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      Metropolitan Meliton Karras, soundly criticized for his involvement
      in numerous bogus real estate transactions made by the Patmos
      Monastery of Saint John The Theologian in the past fifteen years,
      has been reinstated in a Patriarchate position of influence. Meliton
      who had been Bartholomew's right hand for years, was recently
      dismissed from his position as Chief-Secretary of the Phanar when
      the Greek media began reporting on the Patmos financial
      mismanagement. The dismissal was meant to absolve Meliton himself as
      well as other Patriarchal officials of any connection to the Patmos

      Bartholomew, assured by the Greek Government of Mr Kostas Karamanlis
      that the Patmos incident will be kept out of the Greek press,
      immediately ensured Meliton's comeback "through the backdoor." He
      appointed Metropolitan Meliton as member of the Patriarchal
      delegation sent to pacify the Jerusalem church leaders engaged since
      February in a fierce power struggle.

      Metropolitan Meliton, well known in the United States for his
      connections to wealthy Greek Americans, refused to offer any comment
      on his comeback.

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