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Fwd: Moscow Patriarch: "Stop Parish Cultism!"

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  • David Constantine Wright
    ... Forwarded by ========================================================= + Reader David-Constantine Wright IC|XC http://constans_wright.tripod.com
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 18, 2005
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      > An interesting piece of news sent to me by Archbishop
      > Lazar Puhalo of the OCA:
      > Here is a news bulletin that I would hope you could post
      > AND CIRCULATE it:
      > ***************************
      > Patriarch Alexei of Moscow has recently condemned "parish
      > cultism." In a letter to the hierarchs of the Russian
      > Orthodox Church, His Holiness condemned the practice of
      > parish priests using confession as a means of control and
      > manipulation of their parishioners. He charged the
      > hierarchs to investigate and correct that situation, and
      > also other cult practices such as parishioners having to
      > ask for constant blessing for everything they do, as if
      > they were monastics in a monastery, parish priests who
      > think that they are spiritual elders, and parishioners
      > having to ask for a special blessing to attend an
      > Orthodox Church other than the parish to which they
      > belong. All these practices are in no way Orthodox, they
      > are sheer cultism, and the Patriarch has charged his
      > hierarchs to put and end to such practices with in
      > the Russian Church.
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