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  • vkozyreff
    Dear Mike, I think you misinterpret the meaning of little Russia . If you consider the term Ukraine as better from the angle of Ukrainian nationalists, you
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 2, 2005
      Dear Mike,

      I think you misinterpret the meaning of "little Russia". If you
      consider the term "Ukraine" as better from the angle of Ukrainian
      nationalists, you are mistaken. "Ukraine" stresses this land's
      Russianness, as it means "the border-territory (of Russia)". Russians
      have never had any "haughty" attitude towards Ukrainians. There are
      so many of them living in Russia, feeling Russians, married to Great-
      Russians. As a Russian, I am perfectly at home in the Ukraine, etc.

      As you may konw, when ancient Greece extended its influence to
      Southern Italy, the latter became known as "Great Greece", little
      Greece being then the metropolis.

      You know that Russia's history begins in Kiev, and that Kievian "Rus"
      extended to the present Northern Russia. The term "Russia" (Rossya)
      is relatively recent (XVIII century) . Nobody disputes the fact that
      the persent "Ukraine" was "Rus"(Kiev was the capital of Rus) before
      it was conquered by the Tatars, Turks and Poles.

      We are all under an active anti-Russian propaganda. The US are still
      aiming at containing Russia and dividing Russia as much as it can,
      and at preventing any rapprochement with the EU. What Russia did in
      the Ukraine is not worse than what the US did there to support
      Youschenko and did previously in Russia to have Yeltsin elected, for
      instance. Remember, "Russia has no friends".

      I do not share your negative assessment of Russia's regime returning
      to State authority. The State must be assertive there. What is
      negative indeed, is the fact that Communism is still part of the
      culture, and that people will not reject it. I have nothing against
      socialism, but I am against criminal states. The problem is that the
      West forgives or ignores the crimes against mankind, because Russia
      adopted the "market economy" which, by the way, has thrown 70% of
      families with children into poverty (less that 2 dollars income a

      The MP too has adopted market economy and remains silent about the
      genocide committed by the communist.

      In God,

      Vladimir Kozyreff

      --- In orthodox-synod@yahoogroups.com, mik opar <mikross53@y...>
      > (Unlike Poland and the Baltic states, Russia lacks a key source
      of "soft
      > power": a united body of ethnic expatriates who can be relied on to
      > the mother country's policies in places like Washington. But this
      > change in the very near future. Moscow may bring into its sphere of
      > influence what used to be a key ideological base for the Kremlin's
      > foes, the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia, or ROCOR. The
      Kremlin and
      > the domestic, Kremlin-dominated Russian Orthodox Church could gain
      a new
      > seal of moral and historical legitimacy at a time when Russia faces
      > criticism for its swing toward authoritarianism.
      > In the 1920s, when the Bolsheviks were jailing or killing thousands
      > Orthodox Christians, a small group of refugee bishops formed what
      > eventually became ROCOR. That body inherited or founded hundreds of
      > parishes among Russian emigres in Western Europe and the Americas,
      > seeing its own existence as temporary. Its position has always been
      > once the domestic Moscow Patriarchate clearly renounced certain
      > habits adopted under Soviet pressure, the Russian church should
      > One of those habits is "Sergyanism," named after the tame bishop
      chosen by
      > Stalin as patriarch of Moscow. Under Sergy and his successors, the
      > church's top clergy systematically collaborated with a regime that
      > systematically persecuted the church's own members. The habit
      continued to
      > the end of Soviet rule and beyond. Critics of the Moscow
      Patriarchate note
      > that to this day, it collaborates with tyrants such as the current
      > of Belarus and Turkmenistan, as well as with Russia's siloviki.
      > lives on, observe these critics, not just as past history the
      church has
      > never repented, but as unreformed present reality.)
      > I am a but a recent convert, to the ROCOR, from american baptist
      protestantism, but in my reading and opinion, I have to question
      historic Russian attitudes and actual history. Look what Russia has
      recently done to the elections in Ukraine, and the Russian attitude
      towards Ukraine (..little russians...) as they are called.
      > This haughty attitude toward others is uncalled for and only clouds
      the issues. My impetus for joining ROCOR, is the keeping of the
      Church calendar (and rejection of the Masonic new calendar (really,
      there are Uniates for a reason, if you must celebrate Latin Christmas
      only, then why bother with the OCA and Antiochian, at least , I
      think , that the Uniate diocese' are a little more honest in this
      regard...!) I visited a 'russian" Orthodox church in Bathleham ,PA
      and found the Priest and Deacon and Read with the 'catholic' cleric
      collar on, they read the wrong scripture (NS), and not one woman had
      a covering on her head. What right do they have calling
      this "russian", even pews just like any other Latin church.
      Nevertheless, to say I was dissappointed is touching the Tip of their
      iceburg, Mike Wurzbacher Transfiguration ROC
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