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    NEWS SECTION (http://www.saintedwardbrotherhood.org/) in English METROPOLITAN LAVR TO VISIT LONDON During his recent visit, Archbishop Mark announced that on
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2005
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      NEWS SECTION (http://www.saintedwardbrotherhood.org/) in English

      During his recent visit, Archbishop Mark announced that on the last weekend
      in May, the lower church at Harvard Road will be consecrated, allowing it
      to be used for parish services so that the main church may be completed.
      His Eminence Metropolitan Lavr, the present First Hierarch of the Russian
      Church Abroad, will be heading the ceremonies, and other hierarchs and
      clergy from abroad will be attending. The old Russian church, attached to
      the Imperial Embassy on Welbeck Street (which still exists, although it is
      now put to secular uses), was consecrated on 14th February, 1865, but in
      the post-Revolutionary period this is the first time that an Orthodox place
      of worship belonging to the Russian Church has been consecrated in this

      In a paper presented to the Thessalonica Theological Conference in
      September last year, His Grace Bishop Artemije of Raska and Prizren
      condemned what he referred to as “the pan-heresy of ecumenism” and gave an
      insightful history of the Serbian Church’s involvement in it in the latter
      part of the twentieth century. He writes: “The realisation that not one
      local Orthodox Church has remained unblemished and unsullied by the
      ecumenical pestilence is a painful fact. Some have been more influenced,
      others less. But it is also consoling and encouraging that in every local
      Orthodox Church there have been and still are shining and holy examples of
      individuals and groups who actively oppose, in speech and writing, the
      penetration of ecumenism into the fullness of Orthodoxy.” Drawing deeply of
      the teachings of the Blessed Justin (Popovich) of Chelije, Bishop Artemije
      exposes the falsehood of ecumenism, and he ends with an appeal: “We would
      like to conclude our presentation with the prayerful wish that our
      Thessalonica symposium, the Inter-Orthodox Conference on Ecumenism, become
      a gathering of trumpeters who by their testimony and their zeal will awaken
      the slumbering consciences of the representatives of all of the local
      Orthodox Churches, so that all together or each individually, following its
      internal voice, withdraw from the World Council of Churches, stop prayerful
      and practical participation in the heresy of ecumenism, and thus attest
      before the face of the entire world that the One Holy Catholic and
      Apostolic Church was, is and will forever remain the Orthodox Church, and
      that outside it, there is no Church, and that without the Church and unity
      with the Church, there is no salvation. This is the only true service to
      our neighbour, to those close to us, the only true love toward all
      non-Orthodox or heterodox individuals and peoples in the modern world
      because, according to Father Justin, ‘The only true love is that which
      ensures those close to us life eternal.’”

      In connection with the 250th anniversary of his birth last year, the
      Russian language church periodical, Pravoslavnaya Rus', informs readers
      that they are beginning to collect materials on instances of the heavenly
      intercession of the slain Tsar Paul I of Russia in preparation for his
      canonisation. With the blessing of the First Hierarch of the Church Abroad,
      Metropolitan Lavr, they ask that accounts be sent to the editor of the
      magazine: Orthodox Russia, Holy Trinity Monastery, Jordanville, NY
      13361-0036, USA or: <orthrus@...>

      Although for a decade or so the Orthodox Churches’ commitment to the
      Ecumenical Movement has been rather restrained, of late there are
      unfortunate signs of a renewed interest in the movement. Recent events
      which have been reported include:

      His Beatitude Patriarch Ignatios IV of Antioch and the Greek Catholic
      Patriarch of the same see, Gregorios III, together “headed a special
      service celebration on the occasion of the consecration of Saints Peter and
      Paul Joint Church in Dummar on the outskirts of Damascus. Patriarch
      Ignatios “underlined that the consecration of a joint church is an
      exceptional event that plays an important rôle in enhancing national
      unity.” (!)

      His Holiness Patriarch Aleksii II of Moscow has given his backing to the
      3rd European Ecumenical Assembly to be held in Romania in 2007. He and the
      General Secretary of the Conference of European Churches (CEC), Keith
      Clements, announced this at a press conference in Moscow on 26th January.
      Although in the RIA Novosti press release it is stated that “Ecumenism is
      an international movement uniting all Christians,” comments made by Keith
      Clements and the President of CEC, Jean-Arnold de Clermont, indicate that
      there will be outreaches to Islam and Judaism.

      The Romanian Orthodox Metropolitan Joseph of Western and Central Europe
      visited England in December to dedicate a parish to St Macarius the Great
      at the Anglican College of the Resurrection at Mirfield. While in England,
      the Metropolitan prayed with Dr David Hope, the Archbishop of York, at a
      service held in York Minster.

      As has been widely reported even in the secular press, a series of scandals
      has recently hit the Church of Greece, with churchmen accused of various
      moral and financial improprieties and with seeking to influence the courts.
      The press has probably covered this sad episode sufficiently without our
      adding more here, except perhaps to suggest that we remember those
      involved, whether guilty, wrongly accused or simply affected by the
      troubles, in our prayers.

      After a 67 year-old Romanian woman became a mother using in-vitro
      fertilisation techniques, His Grace Bishop Ciprian (Campineanul) spoke out
      forcibly against the technique, rightly saying that it ran counter to
      Christian morality. “Life,” he said, “is a gift of God and a child is the
      fruit of a love relationship between and man and a woman…. The Orthodox
      Church encourages couples to resort to adoption rather than to in-vitro
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