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News from Esphigmenou

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  • vkozyreff
    Dear List, All of us remember the siege of the Esphigmenou Monastery on the Holy Mountain.
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 27, 2005
      Dear List,

      All of us remember the siege of the Esphigmenou Monastery on the Holy



      See also message 8085 (and many others).

      As we were very concerned about what happened to them, they are
      concerned about what is now happening to us.

      Below are excerpts of an article published in their journal, about
      COMMUNISM, ...", "Saint Agathangel the Esphigmenite", Nov- Dec. 2004)

      In God,

      Vladimir Kozyreff

      Following the Sacred Apostolic Canon "He who communes with the
      incommunicable becomes incommunicable" ...

      The Ecumenist... must have with them all of the local Orthodox
      Churches, in order to pave the way for the advent of the final
      antichrist. As we are told by Apostle Paul "... let no one deceive
      you...for that day will not come until apostasy comes first, then the
      man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition," (2nd Thessal. 2:3)

      This is the reason why they desire to snuff out every Orthodox heart.
      They have already captured all of the Patriarchates and Orthodox
      Churches. Lastly, the Patriarchate of Jerusalem joined them as well.

      For this reason they turned their attention to subjugating the Sacred
      Synod of the Russians in the Diaspora, which had ANATHEMATIZED
      Godless Ecumenism...

      The journal "St. Cyprian" summarises in its Sept.-Oct. 2004 issue,
      some of the most important steps on the way to union:

      1) The September 2003 meeting in New York, USA of Hierarchical
      representatives of the Diaspora with the President of Russia, Mr.
      Vladimir Putin.

      2) The November 2003 meeting in Moscow of Hierarchical
      representatives with Patriarch Alexi II and members of the Synod of
      the Moscow Patriarchate.

      3) The May 2004 visit to Moscow of his Eminence Metropolitan Laurus,
      during which, in an atmosphere of prayer communion, a dialogue about
      union was initiated and the decision was made to set up Dialogue
      Committees and topics to be discussed were identified.

      4) In June 2004, the beginning of the Committees' work in Moscow and
      the first announcements of common positions, which were also made
      known to both Synods for evaluation.

      Keeping in mind that the whole Synod of the Moscow Patriarchate
      convenes at the beginning of this coming October and that the Russian
      Diaspora Synod will meet in early 2005, it can be concluded that the
      decisions will be quick and dramatic.

      From both sides, Moscow and the Diaspora, it is confirmed by official
      sources (that) the union ... implementation is now a matter of time,
      because the uniting factors, as they are characteristically called,
      are more decisive than the dividing ones. Among the latter, Ecumenism
      appears to be of secondary importance. (Journal "St. Cyprian" Sept-
      Oct 2004).
      Let us hope that ... a part of the Orthodox Diaspora ... with the
      help of our Almighty God, will remain firm in its Orthodox Confession.
      The same ... attempt to convince the Orthodox of the (Greek)
      Patristic Calendar Church to abandon their struggle for the Faith...
      (is ongoing.)

      An obstacle to their plans ... is the fact that there is more than
      one Synod. Therefore, if one Synod is overcome, God forbid, the
      people and most of the clergy will not follow but will join one of
      the other Synods.

      The "dialogue" will be the same as that which has been taking place
      for so many years with the heretics.

      If they return to the state in which the Church was at the end of the
      19th century, then the question will be automatically resolved.

      Betrayal is sad for those who reject Orthodoxy. It places them in the
      pan heresy of Ecumenism. The Church prays for their return and their

      The Orthodox do not falter because of the betrayal of some. On the
      contrary, they become stronger in their Faith and it takes them even
      closer to our Lord Jesus Christ, Whom they pray for help in their
      efforts to remain faithful and steadfast in their beloved Orthodoxy.

      Let us hope that our Lord strengthen us in His Orthodox Faith, while
      we continue, in humility and repentance, to accomplish His Most Holy
      Will, so that we can be deemed worthy of His divine Mercy. Amen.

      (Modified, from a translation by John Rigas)
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