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  • goossir
    Dear List, Some member of this list expressed their worries about Metropolitan Vitaly s health and well being. Below, you will read an accunt on his thoughts
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 22, 2005
      Dear List,

      Some member of this list expressed their worries about Metropolitan
      Vitaly's health and well being.
      Below, you will read an accunt on his thoughts about prayer which he
      expressed a few days ago in front an assembly for his namesday.

      Irina Pahlen

      "Yes, prayer is the most important thing in life; the goal of our
      life is the Kingdom of Heaven...," says Metropolitan Vitaly. Always
      rejoice; be grateful for everything; always pray, as the Apostle
      says. (I Thess. 5:16-18)

      Always pray. If it says to do so, it means it is possible...
      But how to do it? We have to pray first with our mind. But the mind
      is something cold. It is not enough. We have to pray with the heart.
      To pray with the mind is a labour. And for this labour, if we will
      patiently continue to do it, the Lord will give us prayer of the

      Prayer of the heart. How it comes to us, we do not know. This is a
      mystery. But it comes suddenly. And then the WHOLE person is praying:
      mind, heart, body... with the whole being. And where there is prayer
      of the heart, there always are tears. Our first Baptism in the watery
      font we have corrupted by our sins. And here is the second Baptism in
      the font of our tears, in the prayer of the heart. And this vessel we
      have to fill with the water of our tears...

      There is a great power in our heart. Our main power. When we say "I
      love you with all my heart," it means that it is impossible to love
      more than that. It is a limit. The word spoken from whole heart
      reaches the heart of another man.

      Communicate with people only from your whole heart. Heartfelt
      relations towards people gives power, influence... There is great
      power when we do or talk from our whole heart. It brings success. But
      it can be for good or for evil. When one talks from the whole heart,
      but there is evil in the heart -- one can arouse a mob. The
      revolution can begin! Lenin! But when there is goodness in a heart...
      one can save many souls-- Saint John of Kronstadt, Saint Seraphim of

      What is a human being? It is a mystery. What is our "I"? The mystery
      of mysteries. If one penetrates into this mystery one can lose one's
      mind... For in our "I"... is the Image of God... And this "I" is
      immortal... there is no death... In front of us: Eternity, the
      Kingdom of Heaven...

      Vladika spoke of how he started his spiritual life. Once he was
      sitting, thinking: Why do I live? And so started to make
      prostrations. Prostrations help prayer. With certain movements of the
      body, prayer is fortified. When you can't pray--make prostrations.
      Then prayer will come... Do not have pity on yourself. The ease of
      body is a loathsome thing before Lord. Tired? You lazy one! Get up to
      pray! I lied down, says one, as I'm glued to my bed. Get up, I'm
      saying, pray, make prostrations! Lower, lower, to the floor. Even if
      it is painful.

      The Jesus Prayer: "Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me
      sinner!" And Vladika is almost screaming:"HAVE MERCY on me a sinner.
      HAVE MERCY on me! Prayer without repentance -- is the way to prelest.
      How to obtain repentance? Remember something bad you have done in
      your life!

      In the church everything is significant. For example, you are putting
      a candle in the church. This candle is you. You are burning. The
      flame of the candle is you, your love for God... Light candles in the
      church with this feeling..."
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