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The Prophetic Gift in the Last times

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    ........ What I say, I do not say on my own authority. But, rather, it is that  which I heard from divinely-inspired startsy; that is what    I have
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      ........ What I say, I do not say on my own authority. But, rather, it is
      that  which I heard from divinely-inspired startsy; that is what    I have
      conveyed. The Lord will show His mercy to Russia, for the sake of the
      small number of true believers remaining in her. In  Russia, the
      startsy  used to say, through the will of the people, the Monarchy  and
      Autocratic rule will be restored. The Lord has forechosen the future
      Tsar'. He will   be a man of burning faith, of brilliant mind and of iron
      will. First of  all, he will bring about order in the Orthodox Church,
      by removing all the false, heresy-preaching and lukewarm hierarchs. And
      very  many indeed --  almost all, with few exceptions -- will be those
      removed  by him; while new ones, true and steadfast hierarchs, will take
      their place. Through the  female line, he will be from the lineage of the
      Romanovs.    Russia will be a   mighty state, but only for "a short
      time."? After that, the  antichrist will come into the world, with all the
      horrors of the end, as described in the Apocalypse.
        Archbishop Theophan of Poltava new recluse

      The Prophetic Gift in the Last times

                  Holy Elder Schema-Archimandrite Lavrenty
                            of the Chernigov-Trinity Convent

      "So, be warned, my friend.  I have given you the signs of the antichrist.
      Do not merely store them in your memory.  Pass them on to everyone without
      stint.  If you have a child after the flesh, teach them to him forthwith.
      And if you have become a godparent, forewarn your godchild, lest he should
      take the false christ for the True.  For 'the mystery of lawlessness doth
      already work.'"  (St. Cyril of Jerusalem)

            The prophetic gift of clairvoyance, which distinguished so many
      saints and ascetics in ages past, is rarely manifest today. Nevertheless,
      even in this age of impoverished faith there are those who have been found
      worthy of the prophet's mantle. Such as Schema-Archimandrite Lavrenty
      (Laurence) of the Chernigov-Trinity Convent.

      With his illumining gift of clairvoyance, he proved a sure guide for
      hundreds of monastics and laity struggling to find their way through the
      manifest entanglements of these last and difficult times.
      Schema-Archimandrite Lavrenty, in the world Luke Evseevich Proskura, was
      born in 1868 in the region of Chernigov. His parents were simple peasants.
      Of their seven children, Luke was among the youngest. He had a difficult
      childhood; his mother was often bed-ridden and, after his father died, the
      boy had to manage both a man's and a woman's chores.

            Luke was a good student. He was especially gifted in music; he sang
      and played the violin. Children at that time were taught to sing in
      church, and here Luke found his element. He quickly learned not only the
      notes but also the structure of the services and soon grasped the
      intricacies of the typicon. He was only fourteen when he became a choir
      director. It was a talent which he continued to exercise for the rest of
      his life.

            He was still young when he felt drawn to the monastic life, and he
      inspired a number of his friends with the same desire. Respecting his
      mother's wish, he waited until she died before entering a monastery. At
      the age of 23 he was numbered among the brethren of the Rikhla Monastery,
      where he fulfilled his obedience as choir director. His outstanding
      musical capabilities brought him to the attention of Archbishop Anthony,
      who requested his transfer to the Chernigov-Trinity Monastery. The
      archbishop not only appreciated Luke's talent; he also foresaw that the
      young monk would become a great man of prayer. The abbot and brethren were
      jealous: "What is this. Luke, always Luke. As if there's no one else."
      "This is not an ordinary Luke," replied the bishop, "but one whose counsel
      will be in demand.'' This indeed came to pass.

            There in the Trinity Monastery he was tonsured and given the name
      Lavrenty. He was ordained a hieromonk in 1895, and then raised to the rank
      of hegumen. Always joyful, his face radiated the love he felt for
      everyone. This love was the fruit of prayer to which he had accustomed
      himself at an early age.

            Fr. Lavrenty's niece, Evfrosinia, related that once, when he came
      for a visit to his village, it was a feastday, and after serving in the
      village church he came back soaking wet. "It's difficult for you to work
      the soil, but it's just as difficult for us to pray for everyone. We also
      perspire a good deal."

            He encouraged girls from the village to sing in the parish choir.
      With his keen spiritual insight he sensed which girl was inclined towards
      monasticism; he would pray for her, invite her to sing, nurture a love for
      prayer. In this way his flock began to grow. Secretly he gave these girls
      cassocks and prayer ropes; he taught them to sing and read in church, and
      found them jobs.

            Times changed. Churches were closed "for repair" (1930) and everyone
      was advised to leave. Batiushka found temporary lodging in the home of a
      pious widow. There he gave himself to fasting and prayer. Only at night
      could his spiritual children knock at Batiushka's window. He did not
      receive everyone, but with his gift of clairvoyance he knew beforehand who
      should come to him and

            When the war began, Batiushka gathered his monastic children and
      established a women's Trinity convent where there had been a men's
      monastery. Later he established a second convent, the Domnitsky.

            Batiushka loved all kind of work. When extensive repairs were being
      made at the convent, he participated everywhere: he instructed the workers
      and the foremen, whether they were making partitions, laying a floor,
      replacing a roof When the foremen complained that the boards were bad,
      Batiushka replied, "They'll do for twenty years, and then we'll see what
      God's wills."

            It happened that they had to work with stucco in bad weather. The
      material froze and they were unable to do the job. Just then Batiushka
      approached. He made the sign of the cross and the material became pliable
      and the rest of the job proceeded smoothly.

            In wartime, during the German occupation, rye was sown on the
      monastery fields. The land was appropriated and partitioned, and the
      authorities would not let them bring in the harvest. The nuns went to the
      office to complain, but they were roughly turned away without being given
      a chance to speak. The stewardess of the convent returned in tears and
      went to share her grief with the elder. The next morning he blessed her to
      go again to the office, bidding her not to speak with anyone along the
      way. Trusting in the elder's prayers, the nun approached the same
      authorities. This time they were very obliging, and gave permission for the
      harvesting of the rye. The nun returned, delighted, and told Batiushka of
      the amazing change in the attitude of the personnel. He smiled. "You see.
      When a person is wicked he has a demon within, but when you pray, the
      demon scampers away, and the person becomes kind and good."

            When the Elder was still a youth and lived at home, he told his
      sister-in-law, Maria, "It's so difficult for a Christian to live in this
      world. The devil doesn't give him any peace. I'll be walking along in the
      evening, and he'll be right beside me. Then I cross myself and make the
      sign of the cross on everything around me, and he backs away. Then again
      he draws near."

      Elder Lavrenty acquired some skill as a tailor and often worked on orders
      at people’s homes. "I was sitting, sewing, and 'he' (a demon) was lying
      under the table. I couldn't tolerate it any longer, and said to the man of
      the house, "Do you see who is lying under the table?" "Who?" asked the
      man, frightened. 'A demon. Don't you see him?"

          Even before becoming a monk, Fr. Lavrenty had acquired the practice of
      the Jesus Prayer, and he encouraged others to develop the same habit. One
      of his spiritual daughters, Nun M., relates:

            'I worked among well-educated people There was a lot of work, mental
      work. In conversation with Batiushka he asked me if I do the Jesus Prayer
      at work. I replied--'No.' 'You must,' he said sternly. His words made no
      sense to me. I wanted to object: in such a busy place this was not
      possible. But, humbling down, I began to develop the habit, and, by the
      Elder's prayers, in time I reproached myself for being so obstinate.
      "Where God so wills, the laws of nature are overturned."

            Another spiritual daughter, I.M., told the following about the power
      of his prayers:

            'I often asked Batiushka to pray for my father who hadn't partaken
      of the Holy Mysteries for a long time. He said merely that he was
      repenting'. One morning, however, he got up and said, 'I must receive Holy
      Communion. Someone is praying for me.' That night he had had a dream 'It
      was as if I were lying in a grave with earth on top of me. There came a
      priest who began to dug me out and said, "Get up, Ivan'." And I arose.'

      Later that same year the man died. Here is yet another example.

            The Second World War began. A man received a summons to go to the
      front, and came to Elder Lavrenty for a blessing. The elder was quite ill
      but received the man nevertheless. "When I came in, Batiushka rose from
      his bed and blessed me. He then put on his epitrachelion, prayed, and
      said, "Always be with God, and your Guardian Angel will be with you; with
      his wings he will protect you from bullets on all sides. Do not doubt, and
      do not be afraid. Try not to be captured by the enemy, because people
      perish there Everywhere be first in helping your neighbor. If your
      comrades object, tell them these are your orders. Most importantly—don’t
      be afraid. Nothing will happen to you."

            'I was bewildered by the elder's words and only hoped in his holy
      prayers and likewise m God's mercy and His almighty power towards me. a
      weak and sinful man. When we were sent into battle, I felt an
      extraordinary, wonder-working power over me. There was gunfire everywhere
      bullets--like rain. I crawled around boldly, carting the wounded to the
      first-aid station, willingly, helping my comrades, and nothing happened to
      me. I went through the whole war without once being wounded, not even a

          The Elder's power of prayer was often united with his gift of
      clairvoyance. The God-fearing M. relates:

            "My mother became gravely ill--her lungs. and no one had any hope
      left for her recovery. Everything was being prepared for her death. My
      father sent me to Elder Lavrenty. I went, and m tears told him of our
      grieg. He listened, his head bowed, and then consoled me, saying, "No,
      your mother will not die. She will live a long time yet: she will even
      outlive your father." And truly. through the Elder's holy prayers, my
      mother got well and lived to the age of 90.'

            A young woman came to Fr. Lavrenty for his blessing to enter a
      convent; many of her frrends had received such a blessing. But Fr.
      Lavrenty looked at her and said, "Get married." She began to object and
      wouldn't agree. Then ," who" asked the Elder, "will give birth to priests
      and bishops?" His prophetic words were fulfilled. The woman married and
      had a son who became an archpriest.

            One mother came to Fr. Lavrenty complaining that she hadn't heard
      from her son in a long time. The Elder told her that she wouldn't have
      time to reach home before receiving a letter, and said, "Know that a
      mother's prayers will not burn in a fire nor drown in water." As the woman
      was returning home, the postman met her on the street and gave her a

            E., a woman of strong faith, describes another case of the Elder's

            "During the war I received news that my son had been killed. I
      decided to have him commemorated, but I had a dream in which my son
      contradicted me and said, "Don't, mother." I came to Batiushka with my
      doubts, to ask what I should do. He said it was not necessary to have my
      son commemorated. "You are bound to receive more news from him. But if you
      receive a second notice, then have him commemorated."

             "And so it came to pass. Not long afterwards my son wrote that he
      had been wounded, and that now he was again being sent to the front and
      didn't know if he would return. He was killed. A second notice arrived, as
      the Elder had foretold. In tears I again want to see Batiushka. He blessed
      me to have a funeral served. As I left I met two women who were hurrying
      to the Elder. Curious, I stopped and heard Batiushka's voice: "What do you
      take me for, a fortune-teller? I'm not a fortune-teller. I don't know
      anything. Go, finish eating your fritters with sour cream and don't bother
      me." "But I want to know about my husband," said one of the women. "I
      don't know anything," answered Batiushka sternly, and closed the door. I
      later found out that one of these women was not a believer at all and had
      indeed gone to the Elder as to a fortune-teller; she even called him that.
      She had baked some fritters and taken some sour cream, but decided to eat
      them along the way, thinking to herself, 'What will he know. I'll eat them
      myself." But Batiushka saw through everything and didn't receive her."

           The Elder often liked to converse with his beloved spiritual children
      about the end times, about how one must be vigilant. "Today we vote-that's
      all right; it's still not for a single leader over the whole world. But if
      a vote should be taken for one--this is already [the antichrist] and one
      mustn't vote." He also said: "The war will be such that no one will remain
      anywhere, only in the ravines.'

             He said there will remain only two or three governments, and they
      will say: "Let us choose for ourselves one king over the whole world/'

             "In the last times they will banish the true Christians; then let
      the old and feeble at least grab onto a wheel and run after them.

             Batiushka often repeated his talks about antichrist: "The time will
      come when they will petition for one king on earth. And people will be
      strictly registered. [The census takers] will come into the house, and the
      wife will begin to persuade her husband: 'Come, husband, let's sign up.
      After all, we have children, else we won't be able to buy anything for
      them.' And the husband will say: 'Dear wife, do as you please, but I am
      ready to die rather than sign up with Antichrist.' .... Such a moving
      picture of the future," concluded the elder.

              "The time will come," said Fr. Lawenty, "when they will renovate
      even the closed churches, and fix them up not only outside but also
      inside. They wilt gild the cupolas of both churches and belfries. But when
      this is finished, it will usher in the reign of antichrist. Pray that the
      Lord grant us an extension of time that we might strengthen ourselves,
      because a frightful time awaits us. Do you see bow craftily everything is
      being prepared? All the churches will be absolutely magnificent, as never
      before, but one must not go into those churches. Antichrist will be
      crowned like a king in a grand cathedral in Jerusalem, with the
      participation of the clergy and the Patriarch.

            "There will be free access, both in and out of Jerusalem for
      everyone. But try not to go there then, because everything will be done in
      order to deceive.

            "Antichrist will be born of a harlot--a Jewess from the twelfth
      tribe "of debauchery". While still a youth he will be very capable and
      smart, especially after he, as a boy of twelve, walking with his mother in
      the garden, meets satan, who will come from the very depths and enter into
      him. The boy will shudder with fright, but satan will say: 'Do not be
      afraid, I will help you.' And this boy will mature into Antichrist in
      human form. At his coronation, when the Symbol of Faith is read, be will
      not allow it to be read correctly; where the words describe Jesus Christ
      as the Son of God, he will renounce this and acknowledge only himself And
      then the Patriarch will exclaim that this is Antichrist, and for this he
      will be killed...

             "The prophets Enoch and Elijah will come from heaven, and they,
      too, will explain to all the people and cry out: 'This is Antichrist, do
      not believe him.' And he will kill them, but they will resurrect and fly
      into heaven.

             "Antichrist will be very knowledgable in all manner of satanic
      cunning, and he will make false signs. The whole world will hear and see
      him. He will "stamp" all of "his people" with a mark. He will despise all
      Christians. There will begin the final persecution of the Christian soul
      which refuses the mark of satan.

             "Persecution will begin immediately on the soil of Jerusalem, and
      then everywhere in the world blood will be spilled for the name of our
      Redeemer Jesus Christ Many of you, my children, will live to this
      frightful time.

             "The mark will be such that it will be immediately apparent whether
      a person has received it or not. The Christian will not be able to buy or
      sell anything. But do not despair. The Lord will not abandon His children.
      One mustn't fear!

             "There will be churches, but Orthodox Christians must not go into
      them, because the Bloodless Sacrifice of Jesus Christ will not be offered
      there; instead, there will be satanic gatherings. And because of this
      lawlessness the earth will cease to bring forth fruit; from drought the
      land will crack, forming such crevices that a person could fall [into
      them].     They will kill Christians or banish them to desert places. The
      Jews will also be chased into one place. Some Jews, who truly lived
      according to Moses' law, will not accept the mark of Antichrist. They will
      wait and observe his deeds. They know that their ancestors did not
      recognize Christ as the Messiah, but here, God will grant their eyes to be
      opened and they will not accept the mark of Antichrist but will
      acknowledge Christ and will reign with Christ.

            'But the entire feeble populace will go after satan, and when the
      earth will produce no harvest people will come to him with the request to
      give them bread, but he will answer: 'The land does not give any grain. I
      can't do anything.'

            "There will likewise be no water; all the rivers and lakes will dry
      up. This disaster will last for three and a half years. But for the sake
      of His chosen, the Lord will shorten those days. In those days there will
      still be strong warriors, Orthodox pillars, who will be under the powerful
      influence of the Jesus Prayer. The Lord will cover them with His almighty
      grace, and they will not see those false signs which will be prepared for
      all people.

            "Again, I repeat, one mustn't go into those churches; they will be
      devoid of grace."

            Hearing this discussion, one sister asked: "What's to become of us?
      I don't want to live to see that time." "But you are young and can live
      until then," said the Elder. "How terrifying!" exclaimed the sister.
      "Choose one of the two--either the earthly or the heavenly." [Fr.

             "There will be a war," continued Batiushka, "and where it takes
      place no people will remain. But before this, the Lord will send weak
      people minor sicknesses, and they will die. During the time of Antichrist,
      however, there will be no death.'

             "The third World War will be not for repentance, but for
      destruction." A sister asked: Then all will perish?" "No, if believers are
      washed with blood they will be joined to the ranks of martyrs, but the
      non-believers will go to hell," replied Batiushka. "And until the number
      of fallen angels is restored, the Lord will not come to judge.

             "But in the last time [i.e., at the very end I the Lord will add to
      the number of angels from those living who are written in the Book of
      Life, in order to make up the number of the fallen.

             "The restoration of churches will continue up to the very coming of
      antichrist, and everywhere one will see unprecedented magnificence," said
      Batiushka. But be moderate in your renovation of our church, its exterior.
      Rather, pray more, go to church while there is still time, especially for
      Liturgy, during which the Bloodless Sacrifice is offered for the sins of
      the whole world. Confess and partake of the Body and Blood of Christ more
      often, and the Lord will strengthen you."

            Batiushka spoke with a certain hierodeacon (George) about the last
      times, his face covered with bitter tears, and said: "Many clergy will
      perish at the time of Antichrist." Fr. George said: "How can I not perish,
      for I am a deacon? Batiushka said: "I don't know." Fr. Deacon began to
      weep, fell to Batiushka's feet and asked him to pray that he might escape
      hell. Batiushka arose, prayed, and said: "All right. It happens that a
      person gets sick, dies and enters the Kingdom of Heaven."

             And this prophecy was fulfilled. We knew this deacon from the Kiev
      Caves Lavra. He was active in doing good and a singer; all of a sudden he
      fell ill and soon died.

             Batiushka often grieved and tearfully prayed or related something
      with tears. The sisters comforted him, but he objected: "How is one not to
      weep when the abyss is full of people's souls

             After an illness of a few months, Elder Lavrenty reposed on the
      Feast of Theophany, 1950. as he himself as foretold. His body remained in
      the lower church for forty days. One of the nuns related how at three
      o'clock in the morning she clearly heard the singing of a many-voiced
      choir She, ran into the cell where the reposed was lying but found that
      all was quiet there; only a priest who was quietly reading the Gospel.
      Frightened, she, told him that she had heard singing. He was amazed and
      said that the soul of the reposed was being met in heaven by the angels
      (Translated and condensed from Nadezhda #14, pps 298-304).

                      Summary of few prophecies of

                          Elder Schemamonk Lavrenty


      Accompanied by two keleinitsy [female cell-attendants or "lay-sisters"],
      the igumenya  [abbess] of the Domnitskaya Convent came to have tea with
      batiushka  [father (dim. aff.)] Lavrentii.  During dinner, he said:

      "You and I, matushka-igumenya [abbess-mother (dim. aff.)], will not  live
      to see antichrist; but, these – your keleinitsy, – will live to see him!"

      That was in 1948. Both nuns had been born in 1923.  Monakhinya [nun] N.
      was the one who told the story.


      Whenever Fr. Lavrentii would sit down at table to dine, while waiting for
      everyone to gather together, he would say:

      "I am not hungry, but I need to see you all, and to speak with you a
      little concerning what lies ahead for all of you."

      Then he would weep and say:

      "If you but knew what fate awaits men and what lies ahead for you.  If you
      but knew how people suffer in hell!"


      Batiushka Lavrentii would say:

      "Do not be astonished when you hear that people are praying in every which
      way in the churches. When those in their golden-caps [archi- and
      proto-hieratical mitres] forbid the reading of the Psaltyr' – and, later,
      of the hours – then will the Lord endure but a little; and, O how He will
      then recoil from them!  The Second Coming is now no longer far-distant!"

      (Recorded from the words of Sister M.)


      "This happened when my father was yet alive," I. M. would recall,
      concerning her conversation with batiushka Lavrentii. "We were extremely
      poor incapable of regaining our senses after the destruction of the war. I
      went to see starets Lavrentii, in order to ask him to bless me, that I
      might secretly wear a podriasnik [an under-cassock]; but he said to me:

      "'Not all who are in the world will perish; nor will everyone in a
      monastery be saved! Do you understand?  It is not yet time.'

      "Again I began to implore him [to grant me his permission] to enter a
      women's monastery, for it is so extremely difficult for one to save
      oneself in the world, but  batiushka  said to me:

      "'Monks and schema-monks in the monasteries will attain unto the seventh
      Heaven; but if you only knew what awaits those virgins who live in the
      world!  The Lord will tell those schema-bearers to make way for these
      secret ones who did not live in a monastery. And these latter will
      exceedingly precede the former!   Do you understand that, before God, the
      secret ones will be superior to those in the monasteries?   Do you
      understand?' the starets asked.

      "'I understand nothing,' was my reply.

      "'Then remember this, at least!' batiushka  said."


      A certain pious widow had a dream:

      "I saw, as it were, batiushka Lavrentii of Chernigov in the Trinity
      Convent, with its inhabitants.  There were many sisters there, and the
      choir was chanting: 'Rejoice, O Tsaritsa'.   Then, suddenly, the starets
      rose up in the air, but there were only a few matushki with him – seven or
      eight, all totalled!  I ran to ask him: why had so few nuns risen up, but
      upon uttering these words, I awoke, without having received an answer.

      "When I came to see Fr. Lavrentii, he said:

      "'It is as you dreamed it!  Had they lived in accordance with the Law of
      Love, then everything would have been fine.   If someone has a piece of
      bread, it is in order that he might share it with another, who would then
      offer up a prayer for him.  Thus, both would receive their largesse, and
      all would have been saved!  But, with us, it is just the opposite: the one
      who has the piece of bread stirs up great rows. That is why there are so
      few who are lifted up, because there is no love!'

      "Thus did batiushka explain to me the meaning of my dream."


      The venerable Fr. Lavrentii of Chernigov would frequently repeat that
      souls go to hell just like people come out of a church on a feastday; but
      they go to Heaven like people go to church on a weekday.  Batiushka  would
      frequently sit and weep: he pitied the people who were perishing.

      "How many people there are, who are packed in the inferno like herring in
      a barrel," starets Lavrentii would say.   His spiritual children would
      console him, but he would reply, through his tears:

      "You do not see. If you could but see... How pitiful it is! And in the
      last days, hell will be filled with young people."


      "And I say unto you, and with great regret do I say it, that you will be
      buying houses, and killing time by adorning large and lovely monastic
      buildings.   But you will have no time for prayer, although you made a vow
      of non-possession!

      "It will not be difficult to be saved during the last days, but wisely
      so.  The one who overcomes all these temptations, the same will be
      saved!  Such a one will be among the first.  The former will be like unto
      lamps; the latter will be like the sun.  You have other dwellings prepared
      for you.  So listen, and twirl this around your moustache!"

      Thus did the venerable starets, gazing into the future with his
      perspicacious mind, admonish his many, many spiritual children.


      "Not long before antichrist is enthroned, even those churches that have
      been closed will be repaired and restored – not only their exteriors, but
      their interiors, as well.  They will gild the cupolas of bell-towers and
      cathedrals, alike; and when they have completed the main one, then will
      the time have come for antichrist to be enthroned.  Pray that the Lord
      might lengthen that time, that we might be encouraged and sustained: it is
      a frightful time that awaits us.  The restoration of the cathedrals will
      continue up to the very moment that antichrist is crowned.   We will have
      unprecedented splendour," starets Lavrentii of Chernigov would say.

      "Do you see how craftily and insidiously all this is being prepared?"
      batiushka would continue, tearfully.  "All the cathedrals will be
      exceedingly splendid, as never before, but you must not attend these
      cathedrals, for the Bloodless Sacrifice of Jesus Christ will not be
      offered there.  Remember: there will be churches, but Orthodox Christians
      must not attend them, as the entire 'synagogue of satan' (Apoc. 2.9) will
      be gathered there!  I repeat yet again that one must not attend those
      cathedrals: there will be no grace in them!"


      "Antichrist will be crowned king in a splendid rebuilt temple in
      Jerusalem, with the clergy and the Patriarch of Russia participating [in
      his coronation]. There will be free ingress and egress from Jerusalem for
      everyone, but do not attempt to go there then, as everything will have
      been done so as to "deceive." (Matt. 24.24) He [antichrist] will be
      exceedingly learned in all satanic wiles and will show great signs.  The
      entire world will hear and see him.  He will "stamp" his people with
      satan's seal; he will hate Orthodox Russia," the venerable starets
      Lavrentii of Chernigov would say.


      To a certain deacon who is yet alive, but who is now quite aged, batiushka
      Lavrentii forthrightly said:

      "You will live to see the time when antichrist comes to power.  Do not be
      afraid, but tell everyone that this is he – and that there is no need to
      be afraid!  There will be a war, and where it passes, there will be none
      left alive!  But, prior to that time, the Lord will send minor ailments to
      the weak and they will die, for during antichrist's time there will no
      longer be any death.  The Third World War will not be for repentance, but
      for annihilation; but the Lord will leave the strongest alive, that they
      might confront him [antichrist].


      The venerable starets Lavrentii of Chernigov spoke frequently of
      antichrist, saying:

      "There will come a time when they will fight and fight, and a world war
      will break out.  And in the very thick of it, they will say:

      "'Let us choose for ourselves a single king over all the inhabited
      earth.'  And they will elect him!  They will elect antichrist as the
      universal king and supreme "peace-maker" of the world.  It will be
      necessary to listen carefully; it will be necessary to exercise
      caution!  As soon as they begin to vote for one single man in all the
      world, know that it is none other than himself, and that it is forbidden
      [to Orthodox Christians] to vote [for him]."


      Batiushka Lavrentii was sitting in the choir-loft, speaking of the last
      days and of the end of this world, relating the details of antichrist's
      enthronement over those who have fallen away from God...  And priests
      Nikifor, Grigorii and Vasilii Ganzin objected to Fr. Lavrentii that he had
      also spoken differently concerning these things.  But he replied to them:

      "Fathers and brothers, there is one thing that you neither know nor
      understand: I speak not only of Russia, but of the whole world!  All my
      words concerning future events are true, because the Holy Spirit has
      revealed them to me by [His] grace."


      Schema-archimandrite Feofan related that Batiushka Lavrentii would
      joyfully say, with a smile:

      "The Russian people will repent of deadly sins: that they allowed Jewish
      impiety [to hold sway] in Russia; that they did not defend God's Anointed
      Tsar', the Orthodox churches and monasteries, and all that is holy and
      sacred in Russia.  They despised piety and came to love demonic impiety.
      But there will be a spiritual upheaval!  And Russia, together with all the
      Slavic nations and lands, will constitute a mighty Tsardom.  She will begoverned by an Orthodox Tsar', by God's Anointed One. Because of him, all
      schisms and heresies will vanish away in Russia. There will be no
      persecution of the Orthodox Church. The Lord will have mercy on Holy Rus'
      because the dreadful time preceding that of antichrist has already taken
      place in her.  Even antichrist himself will fear the Russian Orthodox
      Tsar'-Samoderzhets [Tsar'-Autocrat].  But all the other nations, save only
      Russia and the Slavic lands, will be ruled by antichrist and will undergo
      all the horrors and torments written of in Holy Scripture.  In Russia,
      however, there will be rejoicing and a blossoming of faith – but only for
      a short while, for the Dread Judge will come to try both the living and the


      "Blessed and thrice-blessed is the man who will not desire to do so and,
      hence, will not see the God-abominated person of antichrist. Whosoever
      will see him and hear his blasphemous words promising all earthly
      blessings, the same will be seduced and will go forth to worship him.  And
      they will perish, along with him, as far as eternal life is concerned;
      they will burn in eternal fire!"

      We asked the venerable one: "How shall this be?"  And he answered us with
      tears, [saying]:

      "The abomination of desolation will stand in the holy place and will
      show-forth the foul seducers of the world who, working false miracles,
      will deceive all such men as have fallen away from God.  And, after them,
      antichrist will appear!  The entire world will see him at one and the same

      To the question: "Where in the holy place – in church?" venerable
      Lavrentii said:

      "Not in church, but in the home!  Beforetimes, a table used to stand in
      the corner wherein the holy icons were.  Then, however, that space will be
      occupied by seductive instruments for the deception of men.  Many who have
      departed away from the Truth will say: we need to watch and hear the news.
      And it is in the news that antichrist will appear; and they will accept


      Many shall belive in antichrist ,said a certain blessed monk, and shall
      begin to glorify him as mighty god. But they that have God always within
      themselves, shall see the truth through pure faith, and shall recognize
      him. For at that time the comming of the tormentor shall be known to all
      that have knowledge of God an reason. But to them that have their minds
      ever on the things of this life and love earthly things , this will not be
      understood , for they are caught in things of this life . And if they hear
      the word of caution concerning antichrist, they will have no faith, but
      will despise them that say such things all the more

      HolyRecluse George of Zadonsk(letters)/St.Ephraim the Syrian

      Ecerpts translated into English by G. Spruksts from the Russian text of
      «Преподобный старец» ["Prepodobnyi starets" ("The Venerable Elder")],
      originally published in the May 1996 issue of the Russian Orthodox
      newspaper «Жизнь вечная» ["Zhizn' vechnaya" ("Eternal Life")].
      English-language translation copyright © 1998 by The Russian Cultural
      Heritage Society, The St. Stefan Of Perm' Guild, and the Translator. All
      rights reserved.

      He, who does not believe the apostles, believes in Judas, Caiaphas, Herod
      and Nero, the persecutors of the apostles and traitors of the truth. He
      who does not believe in the righteous ones has no other alternative left
      but to believe in the unrighteous ones. He who does not believe in the
      pure ones, must believe in the impure ones. He who does not believe in
      those who suffer for the truth, must believe in the torturers and
      libertines. Day does not dawn for anything else except that men may take
      sides with one or the other.
       St Nikolai Velimirovic
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