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Re: [orthodox-synod] 1 confession + 1 communion = confusion - I need to see

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  • michael nikitin
    DDD wrote: to abolish private confession and replace it with general confession , i.e. simply abolish confession altogether. *This
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 30, 2005
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      DDD <dimitradd@...> wrote:

      "to abolish private confession and replace it with general
      confession", i.e. simply abolish confession altogether. *This
      amounts to abolishing the Orthodox Faith, * since without
      confession the attitude towards religious life as a constant
      inner struggle is lost, and it is precisely this which
      distinguishes our faith from ..."

      Certainly in the Russian Orthodox Church when you go to
      Confession and Communion once or twice a year - what religious
      life or constant inner struggle is there?
      Certainly in Serbian , Macedonian and Greek Churches Orthodoxy is
      not any worse then in the Russian Church and they do not have
      confession before each communion. But it is difficult to break
      the habit one is used to.

      What about the priests? Are they not human like every one of us?
      And how often do they go to confession? After all, they commune
      at each liturgy and no confession. They have no inner struggle?
      Or you feel that they don't need the inner struggle?

      Michael N

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