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Latest about MP's views on sergianism and ecumenism

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  • vkozyreff
    Dear List, Met Kyrill of Smolensk, Chairman of the MP Department of external communications persists in claiming that sergianism was the only way out (my
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 29, 2005
      Dear List,

      Met Kyrill of Smolensk, Chairman of the MP Department of external
      communications persists in claiming that sergianism was the only way
      out (my translation of news in Russian referenced by Father Basil
      Yakimov on this forum).

      Pat Alexis II will support personally the work of the IIId European
      Ecumenical Assembly to be hold in 2007.

      So still no sign of MP renouncing either sergianism nor ecumenism.

      In God,

      Vladimir Kozyreff


      MOSCOW, 24 January - "Novosty". The Chairman of the Church Department
      of external communications of the Moscow Patriarchate, Metropolitan
      of Smolensk and Kaliningrad Kyrill has expressed his hope that the
      unity of Russian Orthodox Church and Russian Orthodox Church abroad
      will be restored.

      "Metropolitan Lavr's visit and the ongoing negotiations have
      convinced me last year, that ROCOR has only one aim - to overcome our
      division. We totally share this aim. We shall overcome the division
      generated by the tragedy of the Russian people, which came about in
      the beginning of the XXth century ", the Metropolitan said on Monday
      at the occasion of the International Christmas readings.

      The representative of the MP also spoke about his vision of the
      solution of one of the main problems in the negotiation process, the
      relationship of the MP with the State in Soviet times.

      " The path followed by the Church in Soviet times was not ideal. We
      recognise that the policy of the relationship of the Church with the
      State did not correspond to the tradition. We do not condemn however
      those who carried out this policy because there was no other way to
      save the Church, the metropolitan emphasised.

      In his words, what the ROCOR representatives call "sergianism" was a
      policy of a survival. " The Church behaved in the only way she could
      in those days. The other way was that of the catacomb Church, but
      there was no place for it in the Soviet space. Everything was
      controlled (by the authorities) ", metropolitan Kyrill explained.

      He remarked specifically that, in pre-Revolutionary Russia, the
      relationship between Church and State were not ideal either and that,
      for this reason, in many respects, the Church could not prevent the
      spread of revolutionary ideas.

      "The Church before revolution was denied any possibility to say the
      truth to the people because the alleged voice of the Church was in
      fact the voice of the secular, imperial authority ", the Metropolitan

      Alexis II is favourable to organising the IIId European ecumenical
      Assembly in 2007

      MOSCOW, January 26th - RIA NOVOSTI. Patriarch of Moscow and All
      Russias, Alexis II, supports the project of holding in Romania in
      2007 the IIId European ecumenical Assembly.

      This information was conveyed by the general secretary of the
      Conference of Europeans Churches (KEK), pastor Keith Clement, in an
      address made last Wednesday, during a press conference in Moscow, at
      the end of his meeting with the chief of the Russian Orthodox Church.

      According to Keith Clement, the main result of this meeting in Moscow
      was undoubtedly the fact that the Patriarch of Moscow and All
      Russias, Alexis II reasserted his firm intention to continue backing
      up the KEK in the future, and to participate personally in its work.
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