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[orthodoxjurisdictions] Re: In Russian - a letter to Father Valery Lukianov....

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  • cantor71
    ... terminology, the ... i.e., a known set of ... to one s ... of the ... Orthodox ... myself to ... organs can ... My question is: Yurii, are you nuts? Or is
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 28, 2004
      "Yurii" wrote:

      > 2. I do not belong to the MP. In accordance with accepted
      terminology, the
      > abbreviation «MP» signifies «the Moscow Patriarchate»,
      i.e., a
      known set of
      > ecclesiastical institutions (everyone can add a prefix, according
      to one's
      > own taste: pseudo-, anti-, etc.) embodying the general management
      of the
      > ROC (MP). The latter abbreviation means, in turn, «the Russian
      > Church of the Moscow Patriarchate», a member of which I consider
      myself to
      > be. The confusion of a religious association and its governing
      organs can
      > lead to serious errors.

      My question is:

      Yurii, are you nuts? Or is this simply a lousy translation?

      George Skok
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