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[orthodox-synod] Learn the 8 tones with a tape and workbook

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  • Priest Seraphim Holland
    The Eight Tones And Special Melodies According to the Russian Usage A teaching tape and workbook, from New Valaam Trading Company
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 26, 1999
      The Eight Tones And Special Melodies
      According to the Russian Usage

      A teaching tape and workbook, from New Valaam Trading Company

      Sales mostly go into our Building Fund, and help our on-line
      bookstore to grow.

      The many melodies which are commonly used in the services of
      the Russian Orthodox Church while seeming musically simple at
      first, often turn out to be more complicated, especially for those
      who have never before encountered them. If one were to consider
      the number of different melodies that are used during an All-Night
      Vigil service, chanting in the choir on Saturday evening might be an
      overwhelming endeavour even for those who have received formal
      musical training. This present work represents a means by which
      one may commit these many melodies to memory and, at the same
      time, develop the ability to recall them quickly and easily.

      On the whole, this work was designed for members of small,
      English-language choirs, which, by their very nature, are often
      beset by difficulties. Many times parishioners whose musical
      abilities and experience vary are assembled together for choral
      chanting. The level of enthusiasm may be high, but unfortunately
      some may be lacking in knowledge and practical skills.

      It is our hope that after one has learned the melodies presented
      here, which we believe can be accomplished without the use of
      musical notes, one will, at least from a musical point of view, be
      able to lead the choral chanting of these melodies if called upon to
      do so. The composite sheet containing all of the introductory
      phrases should aid in the memorization of the various melodies.
      The actual stichera used herein consist of the Dogmatica after the
      Glory of the Lord, I have cried at Vespers, while the Troparia used
      are the Resurrectional Troparia of Sunday. The Prokeimena (which
      are all of the Znamenny chant) are also taken from the Sunday
      services, and the Irmoi used are from the Resurrectional Canon at

      Nearly all of the melodies contained herein were taken from the
      Sputnik Psalomshchika (Choir Singer's Companion) and only the
      melody line is dealt with in this work. In most cases, the actual
      melody line consists of the alto voice, although it may occasionally
      rest in the soprano voice. Alterations were made whenever the
      melodies did not coincide with the versions used by Holy Trinity
      Monastery in Jordanville, New York.

      The text used throughout comes mainly from the Octoechos
      published by the Orthodox Monastery of the Veil of Our Lady in
      France and the third edition of the Jordanville Prayer Book. The
      choice of text may not be agreeable to everyone, but for the
      purpose of learning the melodies the words used are relatively
      unimportant. Once the melodies are memorized, one must develop
      the ability to apply them to any given text.

      In some cases, the texts used for the Special Melodies are not
      from the Special Melodies themselves, but from other sources
      (mainly from the service to St. Herman of Alaska). These texts
      were chosen primarily because of their general familiarity, which
      may assist in their memorization.

      A brief summary of the history and development of Christian
      liturgical chant has been provided in the introduction, while the
      Suggestions for Further Reading located at the end of this work
      may be useful to those who desire a more in-depth examination of
      the subject.

      The workbook included has:
      - The words to everything that is sung, properly marked for
      - An instructive Preface
      - An essay introducing the rudiments of church singing and it's
      history, including
      - Liturgical Chant of the Early Christian Church
      - Liturgical Chant of the Russian Orthodox Church
      - Construction and Usage of the Eight Tones
      - "Guidelines for Choir Singers and Choir Conductors"
      (which contains extensive quotes from the Father and Church
      Councils about church singing and Psalmody and an extensive

      Papers: 8.5" x 11" (the papers are punched for standard 3-ring or
      post binders)
      Audio Tape - recorded digitally in a studio

      We are offering this tape and booklet for $15.00 each
      $12.00 each (20% discount) for orders of three or more
      $9.00 each (40% discount) for orders of 5 or more

      Shipping costs are:
      $3.00 for 1-2 sets
      add $1.00 per set for each set over 2 sets - 10 sets.
      Over 10 sets, add 10%

      See the entire booklet explanatory material and more at

      Priest Seraphim Holland St Nicholas Orthodox Church, Dallas, Texas, USA
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      FAX: 603/908-2408 Home Address: 2102 Summit, McKinney, TX 75070, USA
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