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  • Fr. John R. Shaw
    ... the life ... allowed to ... JRS: Unfortunately, in our Church circles such things tend to result in a mess, rather than in anything being resolved. And
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      --- In orthodox-synod@yahoogroups.com, "Srs. Martha & Maria"
      <bethany_mm@h...> wrote:

      > "It is certainly justifiable that at such a significant juncture in
      the life
      > of the Russian Church all involved, both clergy and laity, be
      allowed to
      > offer critical commentary on the events now unfolding".

      JRS: Unfortunately, in our Church circles such things tend to result
      in a mess, rather than in anything being resolved.

      And then, no such "critical commentary from all involved, clergy and
      laity" was asked for or accepted in the earlier period when the
      present situation was, as it were, set up.

      No one, for example, was asked if they approved of ROCOR's acceptance
      of Greek communities in the 1960's, nor were they asked if they
      wanted to break off ties with the Greek Archdiocese (not that we ever
      did, officially).

      Nobody was asked if they wanted to see ROCOR establish its own
      parishes and dioceses in Russia, either.

      Many other changes were introduced within my memory, and none of us
      was ever asked for our opinions.

      > As a nun living in
      > the Holy Land I can confirm that a large majority of the ROCOR
      monastics in
      > our convents and monasteries here are greatly alarmed on how events
      > moving.

      JRS: As a parish priest in the central part of the U.S., I can
      confirm that the overwhelming majority of our parishioners are
      delighted at the way events are now moving.

      > In particular many are puzzled by the speed of the deliberations.

      JRS: Many people are puzzled, not because of their own personal
      reactions, but because things have been presented to them in a
      negative and often misleading fashion, by some partisan.

      Thus for example on Pentecost, at our church dinner, some
      parishioners of ours were telling me about a Romanian lady, who
      attends a Greek Archdiocese parish near them, and who is not involved
      with ROCOR.

      However, she is now very upset and confused about the horrid accounts
      of ROCOR's "captiulation to the Moscow Patriarchate", that she has
      heard from a Greek O.C. priest she knows!

      Much the same thing was to be met with in 1986, when HOCNA split off
      from ROCOR, and many innocent peoiple were disinformed and
      deliberatedly misled about what was going on.

      > That they have in such a quick time separately defined and
      seemingly come to
      > a satsifactory resolution of issues that have separated and
      festered within
      > the churches for some eighty years I find outstanding.

      JRS: People have been talking about "such a quick time" now, for at
      least 4 years.

      And yet, only 2 years had passed since the repose of Patriarch St.
      Tikhon in 1925, and the breach with Metropolitan Sergius over his
      declaration in 1927.

      That was twice as fast, wasn't it?

      > Perhaps the members
      > of these committees could be persuaded to come to Jerusalem and
      > their superb negotiating skills to bring about peace in the Middle
      East as
      > well?

      JRS: It seems to me that it should be a lot easier to start with
      something within reach: to work with individuals -- for example, to
      persuade people like George Stephanopoulos to recognize the error of
      America's policy against the Serbs in the Balkans, under the Clinton

      In Christ
      Fr. John R. Shaw
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