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Re: [orthodox-synod] Surprising Lyrics

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  • Peter Joshua Hatala
    I ve read that the lyrics were inspired by Bulgakov s Master and Margarita , which Mick Jagger enjoyed. Still, there s nothing in Master and Margarita about
    Message 1 of 2 , May 28, 2004
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      I've read that the lyrics were inspired by Bulgakov's
      "Master and Margarita", which Mick Jagger enjoyed.
      Still, there's nothing in "Master and Margarita" about
      the tsar...but, of course, in the book the devil does
      spend some time in Russia.

      -Peter Hatala

      --- for4z@... wrote:
      > I was working on a project and listening to a Guns &
      > Roses CD when I head a cover of an old Rolling
      > Stones. I heard the following lyrics:
      > "Hope you guess my name, But what���s puzzling you,
      > Is the nature of my game, I stuck around st.
      > petersburg, When I saw it was a time for a change,
      > Killed the czar and his ministers, Anastasia
      > screamed in vain"
      > Of course the song is completely blasphemous and
      > satanic. What I find very interesting, however, is
      > how the devil inspired the Rolling Stones to
      > explicitly sing of the Russian Revolution and the
      > Tsar's holy death, in a song with the title
      > "Sympathy for the Devil." To me, this is further
      > evidence of the spiritual, world-wide impact and
      > importance of Russia's tragedy.
      > -Nick Zaharov
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