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Re: [orthodox-synod] Re: The Cry of the New Martyrs?

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  • VJB
    Dear Fr. Sergei (Bless!), I could not agree with you more. My observation is that all the MP Churches in Russia are full for Vigil services on Saturdays, and,
    Message 1 of 1 , May 17, 2004
      Dear Fr. Sergei (Bless!),

      I could not agree with you more. My observation is that all the MP Churches in Russia are full for Vigil services on Saturdays, and, let us face it, most of the people in ROCOR (in the US) come only on Sundays. In my own parish in Albany-Schenectady (NY) there are 2-3 people on Saturdays (generally, American converts). I heard from our Deacon that there had been times when it was just him and the priest. I have seen the same in other parishes as well. I remember reading an article in a then-ROCOR newspaper in Russia (published by a group that is no longer with us) where this phenomenon was discussed with the author suggesting that Russians in the US become culturally assimilated with their Protestant environment where it is typical to go to church on Sundays rather than on Saturdays.


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      Dear Elizabeth,
      Please forgive me
      if my reaction was quite broad.
      I do not intend to paint everything with a
      broad brush.
      I do like your comment about the new
      Russians not coming to evening services
      I once commented that they come only
      to stand, light candles, say a private prayer
      and do not get involved in the day to day
      struggles of our parishes, in parish life.
      Church is just there for them, but not "produced"
      by them. These new people lack what we
      in ROCOR traditionally called *tserkovnost*.
      Someone told me recently - "Batushka, the
      real tsekovnyie people are still in Russia
      and have no intention of leaving their homeland".
      These are not my words, but the words
      of a recent Russian arrival.
      For four generations ROCOR has struggled
      not only to build churches, but also to
      maintain them in the full sense. Our people
      kept church life in existence through voluntarily
      working together for the greater goal of having
      our own Russian Orthodox parishes.
      People donated money, held choir practices,
      baked piroshki, painted, cleaned, sewed vestments,
      planted flowers, pulled weeds around the church
      building, did whatever..... In some places
      this is not so with the new Russians.
      They cant just join in. They have to be
      asked or are simply not interested.
      One parishioner once told me after I had told
      her to welcome these people in aking them to help us
      and she replied to me that if we ask these
      people to do something for our church,
      they later make us
      I don't want to be generalizing to much,
      in different places it varies.
      But my impression is that most of our
      parishes were established by the old
      émigrés and are still maintained by them.

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