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Kosovo/Orthodox Albania

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  • Hristofor
    ... I received the following article from an Orthodox friend abroad, and in addition, I thought I would post some links about the Albanian Orthodox Church.
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2004
      Meni53@... wrote:
      >That`s why the Orthodox have to unite,strengthen ourselves in the only True
      >faith , and be "gentle as the dove,but wise as the serpent". Islam is
      >persecuting Orthodoxy for the past 1400
      >years. We all have to be prepared to defend our Churches and ourselves from
      >any desecration/defilement. Facing the enemy,under any form it might take:
      >Islam,heretics,our sloth ,or worldliness.

      I received the following article from an Orthodox friend abroad, and in
      addition, I thought I would post some links about the Albanian Orthodox
      Church. Unfortunately, the main link www.orthodoxalbania.org isn't working;
      there are, however, some great pictures of Orthodox life in Albania on

      I was dumbfounded, however, to stumble across the following link in Google:

      The top of the page says "CNEWA: A papal (!) agency for humanitarian and
      pastoral support"

      Digging around this objectionable--to most Orthodox--site, you can discover
      that under "History" CNEWA stands for Catholic Near East Welfare
      Association and was formed in 1926 with the "blessing" of Pope Pius XI. You
      can also read about the goals of this scandalous organization: the union of
      Eastern Orthodox Churches with Rome. Interested in our own ROCOR? Click on
      the "Churches of Irregular (!) Status" button.

      I must say that I was amazed at how au courant some of the articles were on
      the various local Churches. Someone in Rome (or their spies Abroad) is
      doing their homework! Most surprisingly, it mentions that "the Serbian
      Church endured heavy losses during WW II, especially in regions under the
      control of the fascist Croatian state. Altogether it lost some 25% of its
      churches and monasteries and about one-fifth of its clergy." It of course
      doesn't mention the Croatian ustahsa's "Thirds Plan": kill a third of
      Orthodox, exile a third and convert the remaining third to Catholicism. It
      also bypasses the details of the RC friars and ksiondzy in charge in
      Jasenovac and other concentration camps.

      Although most local Orthodox Churches websites have links to the other
      Autocephalous and Autonomous Churches, it is somewhat painful to find that
      a detailed and fairly well-written synopsis of all the local Churches is on
      a RC website!


      An Offer with Special Significance

      The burning of churches and mosques, does not promote justice and peace, and
      certainly neither progress. On the contrary, it is a return to times and
      practices which led the Balkans to stagnation, divisions, and tragedies.

      Indeed, those who involve religion in the violence are essentially violating
      the spirit of religion. No matter how much one is in the right, he must
      respect the sanctity and the purpose of sacred places of worship. These
      should become centers of reconciliation and peace, and not breeding grounds
      for maintaining animosities.

      It is only with peaceful coexistence of the religious communities that
      genuine social progress can take place. This is the principal that we
      Christians and Muslims alike have adopted in Albania: to live together and
      to cooperate with each other in harmony.

      The sobriety of religious tolerance and courage of love must overcome the
      blind hatred that can only lead to an escalation of conflicts. In the 21st
      century, worldwide and particularly in the Balkan region, we are called -
      independent of the national or religious community in which we were born -
      to work hard to coexist peacefully, with mutual respect and solidarity.

      With this conviction, the Orthodox Archdiocese of Tirana has made the
      following decision:

      We offer $600,000 for the restoration of a church and a mosque in Kosovo, or
      the construction of a youth center there that will promote peaceful
      coexistence. This sum comes from the funds that, with great effort, we have
      raised for the construction of the Orthodox Cathedral in Tirana. It will be
      dispatched appropriately, so that it be used equitably, according to the
      special significance of this initiative.

      Tirana 26.3.2004

      Archbishop of Tirana, Durres and All Albania

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