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The Anxiety of Life

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    The Anxiety of Life (Taken from Wounds of Society by Bishop Augustine, Athens 1985, pp. 224-226)        The subject, my beloved, the subject of this
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      The Anxiety of Life

      (Taken from ''Wounds of Society'' by Bishop Augustine, Athens 1985, pp.

             The subject, my beloved, the subject of this homily is anxiety. We
      write in a simple tongue and for this reason many who hear the word anxiety
      will become perplexed. What do you suppose is anxiety? In this brief homily
      we shall try to give an icon of the person who is overcome by anxiety.


      We live, my beloved, in a time that can be named a time of
      neuropsychological diseases. Both in foreign countries and here in Hellas
      the neuropsychological clinics have increased. A big clientele.  The public
      psychiatric wards are full. Men and women, young men and young women run to
      psychiatrists and seek therapy. They have headaches, dizziness, impatience,
      insomnia, phobia and other manifestations. They understand that they have
      lost their balance. And just an automobile, which was hit hard, loses its
      balance, its "balance weight" as they say, and the chauffer no longer
      controls the break system well, so also the person, whose nervous system
      and psychological world was shaken, senses that he is staggering and takes
      refuge in psychiatrists for therapy. It appears that the psychologically
      ill is losing the "brakes" of life.
      And let no one think that only the poor and people who are tortured in
      their lives take refuge in clinics and psychiatr! ic wards. The facts prove
      that of those who take refuge in psychiatrists, most are economically well
      established and rich. They are millionaires and billionaires. They are, as
      they say, princes of riches. They swim in dollars and liras. They lack no
      material thing. They have all the means of life, all the comforts. They
      live will all the eases. They satisfy all their material and carnal
      desires. They travel the whole world. They have planes, helicopters and
      ships. They even have in their possession entire little islands. They have
      strewn their shores with gold sand. And each day they spend as much as
      thousands of poor families would need (to spend). Well, then, these people,
      whom the many think are happy, fall into melancholy. And they try with
      different means to expel melancholy, to dissolve the dark and heavy clouds
      that cover their soul. They utilize various medications, they subject
      themselves to diets, take baths, even take drugs, in order to taste a few
      moments of false ! happiness. But they achieve nothing. Melancholy doesn't
      leave. The dark clouds don't disperse. All things to them appear black and
      dark. They live with unrests, with phobias, with nightmares. This condition
      is called anxiety. It is as if someone grabs and squeezes your neck and you
      breath with great difficulty. If he squeezes you a little more, he'll
      strangle you.
      In today's world anxiety and agitation about how people will live, the
      anxiety of life, has spread tremendously. All are uneasy, in agony. The
      poor are in agony. The rich are in agony. The citizens are in agony. The
      leaders are in agony. To all the future appears uncertain. The poor person,
      who lives by means of his salary, fears that perhaps tomorrow there will be
      no work and he and his family will become miserable. The family head fears
      for the future of his children. The healthy person fears perhaps that he
      falls ill, and every pain that that he feels he fears might be cancer. The
      rich who have deposits in the ! banks fear that there might be inflation
      and their monies lose their value. Fear of poverty, fear of unemployment,
      fear of inflation, fear of sickness, fear and terror of death.


             But in our days, next to the cares and anxieties, there has been
      added yet another anxiety, a global anxiety. It is the anxiety of a war,
      which is not like the other wars. It is war which will occur with nuclear
      bombs and will practically destroy the world and here and there a few trees
      will remain, a few animals, and fewer human beings, who will cry and lament
      on the global ruins. The big cities will become ashes. The earth will
      become a boundless cemetery. And that very sun will become dark from the
      black clouds of nuclear explosions. What person in Europe and America
      doesn't have the fear of nuclear war? Unfortunately wars, which now are
      limited to certain points of planet, if they are not put out, will lead to
      a nuclear war, which will burn all the earth. "Wars and rumors of wars", as
      Christ said (Matt. 24:6).


             Thus the anxiety that begins from individuals, advanced, invaded
      cities, societies and nations, and finally became global anxiety. Not only
      do individuals say: "What shall we do?" but the nations say the same word.

             And what is the cause? Many will laugh, if we give the reason for
      this fearful situation. But we will say the truth and let them laugh. The
      cause of anxiety is that from the hearts left the fear of God. Man boasted
      about his arts and sciences, became prideful like Lucifer, fell away from
      God, trampled upon the divine commandments, and instead of the fear of God,
      which saves man from evil and bring peace, all the other fears came. The
      lack of the fear of God brought on the fear of everything. The man of
      today, who raised his head and shouted "Down with God! Down with
      Religion!", this man reached such a psychological state that he even
      trembles at his own sh! adow and runs to psychiatrists, and not finding
      therapy has suicide as his only exit.


             Anxiety, then, which tortures humanity today is a result of life
      without God. Let us hope that man will learn from his sufferings that
      without God happiness doesn't exist. If the fish can live without water,
      then man too can live without God. Outside of water the fish too has
      anxiety, it convulses and drowns. And man outside of God will convulse like
      the fish and will find no peace, even if he becomes Great Alexander in
      power, Croisos in riches, Sardnapalos in comforts and entertainments, Plato
      in wisdom, and Einstein in science.

      It's one thing: For man to fear God and to execute His commands. Then he
      shall be secured and happy.
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