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Update on Gosford church; 15/2 opening postponed

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  • byakimov@csc.com.au
    Dear all, A number of people have asked me about progress on our new church in Gosford, & whether or not the grand opening will still be on 15/2, as planned.
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 8, 2004
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      Dear all,

      A number of people have asked me about progress on our
      new church in Gosford, & whether or not the "grand
      opening" will still be on 15/2, as planned. So here's
      an update?

      As many know, our purchase of the new industrial unit
      at 4/7 Comserv Place, West Gosford, was settled in
      November. We're building a temporary parish centre
      within the unit, initially to include a good-sized
      church (similar size to Fairfield), small hall,
      kitchen, bathroom & storage, but later (God willing!)
      to include a mezzanine level above the hall, with
      office, meeting room, & classrooms. By late January,
      we had already made the first couple of payments, &
      were waiting for final council approval of our
      development application (approved in principle at a
      pre-DA meeting prior to settlement). Some work had
      been done, and building materials had arrived:
      gyprock, steel for the wall and ceiling frames, timber
      flooring for the altar and amvon, and insulation
      materials. A plumber had been on site to look at the
      work needed to provide both the altar and the kitchen
      area with running water, and make some changes to the
      bathroom. Our electrician had also checked things
      out. Nevertheless, the Parish Council realized that
      it would be difficult to complete the new church prior
      to February 15th, the planned opening day. It was
      decided, therefore, to postpone the opening. We will
      continue to have services at Narara Community Centre
      during February & March 2004, and plan to have the new
      parish centre ready for use by Palm Sunday (Âåðáíîå
      Âîñêðåñåíèå), which falls this year on April 4th. We
      hope to be able to celebrate the Easter services at
      the new church, holding our official opening in May or
      June 2004. This change of plans allows the building
      team a bit more time to get things right, and will
      ensure that the whole centre is completed by the time
      the official opening takes place. With the go-ahead
      this last week from Gosford Council, work has steamed
      ahead, and we now have the church walls & part of the
      (curved, 6m high) ceiling in place. Regular updates
      on progress will be given in the newsletter (let me
      know if you'd like to receive a copy in the post or by
      email) and at church. Many thanks to all for your
      interest and support!

      In Christ,

      Rev. James Carles
      Parishes of St Nicholas, Newcastle & St Panteleimon, Gosford
      Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia
      International Phone: +61 (2) 9721 2659

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