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Off-Topic - Computer Tools I have found useful

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  • Fr. Alexander Lebedeff
    Dear Listmembers, I just wanted to share with you some software tools that I use and have found to be very useful. (No, I don t work for the companies and
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2004
      Dear Listmembers,

      I just wanted to share with you some software tools that I use and have
      found to be very useful.

      (No, I don't work for the companies and don't get kick-backs).

      1. Adaware from Lavasoft.


      This is free for personal use.

      You run it periodically. It scans your system (memory, registry, hard,
      removable and optical drives) for known datamining, aggressive advertising,
      and tracking components, which creep into your computer from various sources.

      It scans, identifies the "hooks," and then lets you quarantine and delete them.

      2. Start-Up Cop


      This is a utility from PC Magazine (they have a huge library of utilities).

      In order to get any (or all) of the utilities, you have to subscribe--it's
      $19.97 a year--in my opinion, well worth it.

      You may think that all of the programs that automatically start up with
      your system are found in the StartUp folder.


      Windows has **seven** places where sneaky developers can put in programs
      that will start automatically.

      Here is the description of what Startup Cop does:

      When Windows starts up, it automatically launches a number of programs for
      you. Some of these come from the Startup folder. Windows also looks in six
      other locations for files that should be launched at startup. Startup Cop
      helps you handle problems with programs that are automatically launched at
      startup by listing them and letting you disable, enable, or delete them.
      You can save the list of programs that are currently enabled or disabled as
      a profile that can be restored at a later time.

      This works really well.

      You can temporarily disable the programs you think you don't need, and then
      eliminate them once you're sure that everything is OK.

      I was amazed at how much junk was secretly running on my system--these two
      utilities clean them up very well.

      3. MailWasher.


      This has a limited function (only one email account and no Hotmail support)
      Free version, and a full function Pro version for $29.95.

      It very effectively scans your incoming mail -- before it hits your usual
      e-mail application, and identifies and flags for deletion almost all of the
      SPAM, by comparing the headers to several huge databases.

      On my system, it flags over 95% of the spam.

      You can quickly review the remaining headers and check the ones you want to
      get rid of (or put on a personal blacklist or friends list).

      I don't like the bounce function, so I don't use it.

      Then you hit "Process mail" and it deletes all the marked messages from the
      server and opens your e-mail program, where the remaining messages can be
      retrieved as usual.

      No spam hits your actual mailboxes.

      What a relief.


      Anyway, just sharing some tools I've found effective and make me and my
      computer more productive.

      With love in Christ,

      Prot. Alexander Lebedeff
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