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Re: [orthodox-synod] Help in Kiev

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  • Valentina Grigorieva
    ... Dear friends in Christ, ... in front of St Sophia you can see St Michael Sobor/Monastery with a very interesting store, quite complete and cheaper than
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 28, 2004
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      --- "Fr. Basil Grisel" <batushka@...> a écrit : >
      Dear friends in Christ,
      > we are planning a trip to Kiev after Pascha. I'm
      > trying to locate some church goods producers:
      > vestments, liturgical fabrics, wood carvings, ikons,
      > et cetera. Can anyone direct me as to where to go to
      > find these things.

      in front of St Sophia you can see St Michael
      Sobor/Monastery with a very interesting store, quite
      complete and cheaper than Lavra's. The main cathedral
      is quite ugly but the nice old white stone Church at
      the right side has a good monastic choir. kievian
      voices were always the best ones.
      Not far : Andryevsky Usviz (descent) an open market
      with a HUGE choice of folk production (embroideries,
      wood, stones, etc...) at the CHEAPEST prices (5/10
      times cheaper than Russia), you'll find very nice
      pieces suitable for analoy for 10 usd with various
      colour, and folk costumes (old and new ones).
      Beware extra weight a Kev Airport is charged 15
      Try also :

      > Also aside from the Lavra, what sites to seek out in
      > and around Kiev.
      Have a look at following site very useful. Of course
      St Vladimir, St Sophia, St Andrew (baroque) are the
      must + Village Pirohovo historical open-air museum of
      all the regions of Ukraine (2 hours walking around
      NB : upper Lavra still belongs to Governement, you
      won't find any monastc services in Uspensky Sobor,
      rather go to Trapeznaya Tserkov (monastic services for
      Great Feasts, with 2 full choirs) or to Exalatation of
      Cross Church (lower Lavra) for everyday monastic
      service. It's near the entrance to the Near Caves.
      Also usually there is moleben celebrated once a day in
      one the the Far Caves chapels. Ask which one and at
      what time. Only people who appear to monks interested
      in Orthodoxy and not curiosity are given an answer. If
      you go to Lava on a Feast Dayor Sunday, it's open for
      the faithfulls (free entrance) and closed to tourists,
      and you can have a real Orthodox Caves visit with
      other pilgrims.

      > Thank you for the help,
      Y're welcome, Father!
      See also :

      > Father Basil Grisel

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