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9982Re: [orthodox-synod] Re: A change of topic, please!

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  • Fr Michael Protopopov
    Jan 5, 2004
      Every blessing to you and your family Father, for the Nativity and
      Fr Michael

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      From: Archpriest Stefan Pavlenko
      To: orthodox-synod@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Tuesday, January 06, 2004 9:17 AM
      Subject: [orthodox-synod] Re: A change of topic, please!

      I also meant no offence to anyone personally. So please forgive me is
      my choice of words was to strong. A Joyous and Grace filled Nativity
      feast to all!

      --- In orthodox-synod@yahoogroups.com, Gerald Herrin
      <geraldherrin@e...> wrote:
      > Blasphemy is a very serious charge against any artist or movie. I don't
      > think the film "Andrei Rublev" was an attempt to "prove" anything, but
      > if it were such, then perhaps we should see the main character of the
      > movie as being not Rublev (who, after all, historically we know almost
      > nothing about) but rather the character Boriska who makes the bell for
      > the Grand Duke.) Like the balloonist who first flies, then falls to his
      > death, Boriska reaches out to create, dominating others by sheer drive
      > of artistic exuberance. The film is not a biography of the saint. It is
      > also not an "historical" film except in the sense that Tarkovsky wanted
      > authenticity in set design, clothing (but he wanted very much for it
      > not to be a "museum" piece). Tarkovsky did not want to create a movie
      > to "prove" or "demonstrate" anything. He wanted a film to show life.
      > Tarkovsky believed that without faith, no artist could create anything
      > of worth. He believed that almost all the "entertainments" done in
      > Hollywood were deeply wrong, distorted. The movie Rublev is a movie
      > about the artist who attempts to create, who suffers, who struggles.
      > Rublev is tempted, sins, repents, and it is only after repenting
      > through suffering that he becomes the man who could draw the icon of
      > the Holy Trinity. "For Tarkovsky Roublev is the first true Russian
      > artist and his "Trinity" the first original Russian work of art, born
      > of the hopes, struggles, and suffering of the times." page 89, The
      > Films of Andrei Tarkovsky:A Visual Fugue" by Vida Johnson and Graham
      > Petrie, Indiana University Press, 1994.
      > If I believed that the movie was truly blasphemous, I would never watch
      > it, nor would I ever encourage others to do so.
      > Forgive me if I offend in any way for I do not intend to do so.
      > Isaac (Gerald) Herrin
      > On Sunday, January 4, 2004, at 03:18 AM, Archpriest Stefan Pavlenko
      > wrote:
      > > I thought it (the film about "Rubliev") was a blasphemy, and an
      > > attempt to prove the triumph of "dvoe-veria" (mixture of pagan and
      > > Christian faith) over Orthodoxy in Russia!
      > > Archpriest Stefan Pavlenko
      > >
      > > PS: It is though, a historical FACT that it was a Russian who first
      > > flew in the air in a Lighter that air/hot air balloon!!!
      > Gerald Herrin
      > geraldherrin@e...

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