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  • Gerald Herrin
    Jan 5, 2004
      Blasphemy is a very serious charge against any artist or movie. I don't
      think the film "Andrei Rublev" was an attempt to "prove" anything, but
      if it were such, then perhaps we should see the main character of the
      movie as being not Rublev (who, after all, historically we know almost
      nothing about) but rather the character Boriska who makes the bell for
      the Grand Duke.) Like the balloonist who first flies, then falls to his
      death, Boriska reaches out to create, dominating others by sheer drive
      of artistic exuberance. The film is not a biography of the saint. It is
      also not an "historical" film except in the sense that Tarkovsky wanted
      authenticity in set design, clothing (but he wanted very much for it
      not to be a "museum" piece). Tarkovsky did not want to create a movie
      to "prove" or "demonstrate" anything. He wanted a film to show life.
      Tarkovsky believed that without faith, no artist could create anything
      of worth. He believed that almost all the "entertainments" done in
      Hollywood were deeply wrong, distorted. The movie Rublev is a movie
      about the artist who attempts to create, who suffers, who struggles.
      Rublev is tempted, sins, repents, and it is only after repenting
      through suffering that he becomes the man who could draw the icon of
      the Holy Trinity. "For Tarkovsky Roublev is the first true Russian
      artist and his "Trinity" the first original Russian work of art, born
      of the hopes, struggles, and suffering of the times." page 89, The
      Films of Andrei Tarkovsky:A Visual Fugue" by Vida Johnson and Graham
      Petrie, Indiana University Press, 1994.
      If I believed that the movie was truly blasphemous, I would never watch
      it, nor would I ever encourage others to do so.
      Forgive me if I offend in any way for I do not intend to do so.

      Isaac (Gerald) Herrin

      On Sunday, January 4, 2004, at 03:18 AM, Archpriest Stefan Pavlenko

      > I thought it (the film about "Rubliev") was a blasphemy, and an
      > attempt to prove the triumph of "dvoe-veria" (mixture of pagan and
      > Christian faith) over Orthodoxy in Russia!
      > Archpriest Stefan Pavlenko
      > PS: It is though, a historical FACT that it was a Russian who first
      > flew in the air in a Lighter that air/hot air balloon!!!
      Gerald Herrin
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