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9956Re: [orthodox-synod] Re: The free voice of the Russian church

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  • michael nikitin
    Dec 31, 2003
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      Let's not read things into the epistle that aren't there, just
      as Patriarch Alexey's forgiveness of past mistakes ,but no
      mention of his compromising the Russian Church with the godless regime.

      Why did the Church give us canons if they are meaningless?

      The MP contends Metr.Sergius saved the Russian Church by
      colloborating with the godless regime.This is blasphemy.
      The decision of the Synod of 1971 stands until the MP repents
      and is recognized by ROCOR. Ideally this should entail the Patriarch coming
      to a ROCOR Church and asking forgiveness of what
      Metr.Sergius did. All of those returning to the true Church(ROCOR) from the
      MP repented and were admitted by way of economia.
      No baptism,marriage, etc.. is required if the outward form was correct.

      Economia should not be mistaken for policy.

      Some say we should trust the bishops in whatever they do, but they were proved wrong.
      Just as in the days of St.Maximos the Confessor.
      They were proved to be uniting without the Holy Spirit as the faithful of ROCOR

      Michael N.

      "V. Boitchenko" <venceslav@...> wrote:
      Dear Michael,

      Let me repeat again the year now is 2003 and the Patriarch is Alexius II.

      "...which includes the Holy Gifts and elevation of bishops and clergy..." Is this your interpretation or is this actually stated in the decision of the 1971. Ever since 1971 there has been no reordination, reconcecratin, rebaptism, rechrismation, remarriage for those accepted into the Church Abroad from the Moscow Patriarchate. How do you explain that? Let us suppose that patriarchal elections are in fact invalid, does that really mean that the Church evaporates with all its mysteries? What a strange idea.


      The Synod has never rescinded the decision of 1971. It confirms the 3rd canon of the 7th Ecumenical Council which states everything that Patriarch Pimen did had no effect,
      which includes the Holy Gifts and elevation of bishops and clergy.

      Many cry that we have to follow Ukaze #362. If we have to abide by Ukaze # 362 then ROCOR has to be one with MP, no autonomy or autocephaly. We can't have one without the other, otherwise we're not abiding by the Ukaze of # 362.

      Michael N.

      "V. Boitchenko" <venceslav@...> wrote:

      "Decision of the Synod in 1971 concerned the election of Patriarch Pimen. The Patriarch of Russia now is Alexius II. We cannot apply the decision of 1971 to all the bishops now, however the Synod can and they ruled differently. The most recent epistle read in our churches today after Liturgy is an evidence of that. Had you been a part of the Church you would have heard it too."

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