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9555Re: Synodal Cathedral feastday

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  • boulia_1
    Nov 28 9:05 AM
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      When the ROCOR celebrated the 700th anniversary of the Kursk Root
      Icon, not so long ago (1997 I believe), a banquet was held off-
      premises. It was clear that the "trapeza' in the Synod building would
      be too small for all the visiting clergy and faithful. So, it's not
      the FIRST time that the celebration after the divine celebration is
      being handled this way! Perhaps Aleksandra is a more recent
      parishioner of the synod cathedral and didn't know this...

      Frankly, the Synod 'trapeza' is too small, even on occasions when
      there *aren't* hundreds of extra clergymen and faithful coming to

      As for "speaking to the organizers about it"... If one is truly a
      regular and active member of the community, who is generous with her
      time and energy or at least SPIRIT (not everyone is able to be
      financially generous but everyone can try to be kind, helpful and
      generally supportive in attitude), I have a hunch that the organizers
      would be able to help her, somehow, if she REALLY wanted to attend
      the banquet and simply couldn't afford it.

      I have to live away from my 'rodina' these days but I still consider
      myself "at home" in Synod, where I grew up. I know that the
      organizers are working hard and doing the best they can to prepare
      for the Feast Day and the surrounding events at every level,
      including the choir and right down to the very last petal that will
      adorn the cathedral on that day. I only wish that I could be there
      myself to pray to our Heavenly Queen that she guide our clergy and
      hierarchs through the current and coming times!


      --- In orthodox-synod@yahoogroups.com, "cantor71" <gskok@r...> wrote:
      > It would seem that things are different this year because the feast
      > falls in the course of the week when there will be first the All-
      > diaspora meeting and then the session Council of Bishops. Surely
      > there will be a greater influx of clergy and worshippers than
      > and a geater amount of work is required to arrange such a banquet.
      > I would also venture to add that a gathering of this importance
      > requires a special banquet.
      > I recall in the days when I used to spend more time in New York -
      > this would be the 70s and 80s - I attended a number of banquets in
      > rather upscale locations in honour of, as on example, the 10th
      > anniversary of Metropolitan Philaret's election as First Hierarch.
      > The tickets then -in 1975! - cost $50. Did this also have something
      > to do with lack of love or sharing different hopes and dreams? No,
      > it had to do with it being a festive occasion. Besides, NYC isn't
      > cheap! If you have ever tried to arrange something at a decent
      > location, you know that $100 is not unreasonable.
      > George
      > --- In orthodox-synod@yahoogroups.com, NikanorLazar@a... wrote:
      > > In a message dated 11/28/03 1:52:48 AM Eastern Standard Time,
      > > orthodoxchurch_sg@y... writes:
      > > We should try and love one another (difficult,
      > > sometimes, I know!)
      > > I agree, father...
      > >
      > > This is the first time I speak about something that bothers
      > me..and specially
      > > because I LOVE this Kursk Icon of our Heavenly Queen SO MUCH!!!!
      > > And I really think that it wouldn't help to talk with those who
      > are
      > > organizing this, because I don't think that we share the same
      > hopes and dreams...
      > > unfortunately...I do pray for them and I don't hate them, but I
      > have problem
      > > loving them truly...I won't write about this anymore. (I'm also
      > leaving for
      > > Europe in a few hours so I won't be able, anyway.)
      > >
      > > In our Lord and Saviour, Isus Xristos,
      > > Aleksandra
      > >
      > >
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