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9550Re: [orthodox-synod] Re: Synodal Cathedral feastday

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  • NikanorLazar@aol.com
    Nov 28, 2003
      In a message dated 11/28/03 1:52:48 AM Eastern Standard Time,
      orthodoxchurch_sg@... writes:
      We should try and love one another (difficult,
      sometimes, I know!)
      I agree, father...

      This is the first time I speak about something that bothers me..and specially
      because I LOVE this Kursk Icon of our Heavenly Queen SO MUCH!!!!
      And I really think that it wouldn't help to talk with those who are
      organizing this, because I don't think that we share the same hopes and dreams...
      unfortunately...I do pray for them and I don't hate them, but I do have problem
      loving them truly...I won't write about this anymore. (I'm also leaving for
      Europe in a few hours so I won't be able, anyway.)

      In our Lord and Saviour, Isus Xristos,

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