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951[orthodox-synod] i Fiori Musicali

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  • LJames6034@aol.com
    Oct 31, 1999
      It is a little known (little cared about) fact that: The pope has a college
      in Worthington, OH, just north of Columbus. There, at St. Turibius Chapel
      (which is easily one of the best musical spaces in town), there are musical
      evenings. Tonight, there was a programme called "Baroque Delights for Flute."

      I went. It was really a delight. However, I was asked to remain for their
      Vesper Service. I did that, too.

      The presider was an older priest, in his late sixties or perhaps early 70s.
      He, perhaps alone among those who officiated, is old enough to remember the
      Roman Church as it was prior to 1965.

      Since this is the All Hallows Even (Halloween) of their side of Christianity,
      and, since, today, in Augburg, the Roman Church and the Lutheran Church
      signed a Concordat, Vespers began with Luther's hymn "Ein Feste Burg ist
      unser Gott." (A Mighty Fortress is our God).

      Their translation did not say that, however. So, not to be a critic, but:
      Even in that, their "improvement" impoverished the original.

      I also noticed that those participating made the Sign of the Cross only one
      time, during the whole ceremony. Is this one of those things they are
      abandoning? When I have gone to church with my niece, at Thanksgiving, I
      have also noticed the papists have given up the Sign of the Cross.

      While I found the music charming, and particularly liked J. S. Bach's "Was
      mir behagt, is nur die muntre Jagd," which is sometimes mistranslated as:
      "Sheep may safely graze. . . ." I found the religious ceremony "off
      putting," as the English are wont to say.

      While I think the Western churches may, one day, abandon all their objections
      to the papal heresies and abuses of power, in the name of "unity" (because
      most of those who are R.C.s don't believe any of that, either!), when they
      have gotten around to unity, there may be so little left of what the ancient
      Church of Rome once was, it will be the banding together of those who are
      desperate, rather than those who see what a wonderful thing it is for
      brothers (and sisters) to dwell together in unity.

      The music was delightful. There could hardly be a Western Church, without

      Father Andrew