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9094Re: chrismated priests?

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  • sophia_proskoumen
    Sep 15, 2003
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      > ordained. Was he not "Orthodox enough" to be ordained? Metropolitan
      > Laurus has told me that if someone has been received by chrismation
      > and has been receiving Holy Communion, it is not proper to go back
      > and baptize them since they have already been living an Orthodox life.

      Metropolitan Laurus was never baptised in the Orthodox Church ... he
      was born a Uniate and baptised (by triple immersion) in a church that
      commerated the pope of Rome and was received into the Orthodox Church
      without baptism.

      Many times in the Church's history this was common practise. In the
      RUssian Church before the revolution Latin and Anglican priests were
      received without not only being re-baptised, but without being
      re-ordained. The ritual was that they stood on the cliros until after
      the Grwat Enterance, when they were led through the royal doors and

      The Church in her economy has had a great variety of practises. Those
      critisising what they don't like would do well to study Church history
      or seek a blessing from a spiritual father before taking it on
      themselves to interpret the Holy Canons or to judge the Church or her
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