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8213Re: [orthodox-synod] Re: collaborators and assistants to Metropolitan Anthony

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  • Michael Nikitin
    Apr 9, 2003
      From: "Victor Artzimovitch" <vartzimovitch@...>
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      Subject: Re: [orthodox-synod] Re: collaborators and assistants to
      Metropolitan Anthony
      Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2003 19:17:03 +0200

      ...it's like flying a Boeing 747 with maps dated back to ancient Rome!!!!
      Times have changed, Russia is in a very difficult process of reforms. So is
      probably MP.
      Yes, the most important thing is to be on the same ship in order to help the
      captains to find back the right track...
      Just pointing that the map is wrong is not enough....

      We should change the Church to the times?

      The French did want to stay on course , but the Captains took the new
      course . They are flying the ship and didn't want anyone interfering. I find
      it is hard to help the Captains find back the right track. They won't
      listen. That's why so many left and are leaving.
      Why crash with them when one can take another ship and fly the same safe
      route as our Holy Fathers? Knowing at least that we are following
      the course the Captains took that never crashed.

      6. The question is not "to unite or not to unite with the MP". The
      question is "To unite after the MP has renounced sergianism and
      ecumenism or before it has renounced sergianism and ecumenism". I am
      concerned, and this concern is not only mine. It is the concern of a
      sizeable part of the Church and of bishops.

      Should this question not be part of our discussions? ...and not a statement?


      ROCOR in it's letter to Patriarch Pavel begged him to pave the way for
      dialogue and eventual union with MP. The MP wrote that ROCOR was in schism
      from the Russian Church. Who's uniting to whom? How will ROCOR be united
      with MP since they are in schism?

      If we are not to waite for MP to show their good will to the faith and
      renounce ecumenism that we Anathemetized, what should we expect from her?
      Some concessions here and there and say they repented?
      The MP have to show a desire to renounce these heresies, otherwise what's
      stopping us from having dialogue with the Muslims, Jews, Latins,
      Protestants, etc....Not a good idea.

      Michael N.

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