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7973Re: Iconography, was: a variety of other things

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  • Reader John <rdrjohn2000@yahoo.com>
    Mar 2, 2003
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      Dear Subdeacon Lawrence,

      Would you please elaborate here. What is it that causes you to
      cringe: an icon that depicts God the Father, or the triangular halo?

      In Christ,
      Rdr John
      --- In orthodox-synod@yahoogroups.com, larry most
      <larrymost2002@y...> wrote:
      > Dear Vladimir H,
      > Oh, I forgot, I sort of cringe when I see in some Orthodox Churches
      the Ikon of God the Father, as an old man with a triangular halo. ( I
      know that those churches that are closer to Rome do this, because
      that is the way it is done in the Roman Church
      > Love in Christ,
      > Sub - deacon Lawrence
      > antiquariu@a... wrote:In a message dated 3/1/2003 11:13:39 AM
      Eastern Standard Time,
      > larrymost2002@y... writes:
      > > Glory to Jesus Christ - Glory to Him forever
      > > I'm sorry, but when I was in the OCA church, I never saw an ikon
      to "St.
      > > Francis". nor did I see any troparion or kontakion for him. That
      > > mean that they don't exist, just that at St. Nicholas we never
      saw or heard
      > > of them. It seems like we used to refeer to him as "Blessed
      > > although I could be wrong.
      > > Love in Christ,
      > > Sub-deacon Lawrence
      > >
      > Dear in-Christ List!
      > I have indeed seen an icon of St Francis, but it was in Greece. I
      have also
      > been told (but not personally seen) that such an icon exists on
      Athos. I
      > have also seen icons of Plato, Socrates and other non-Orthodox
      folks, and
      > have even been told by Greek adherents of the faith that these were
      > appropriate because they would have been Orthodox if they had had
      half a
      > chance. And then I've seen Russian icons of St Christopher looking
      a lot
      > more like Rin-Tin-Tin than I would hope. And finally, there is a
      > Ukrainian icon of Bogdan Khmel'nits'kyy. I guess this all goes to
      show that
      > veneration of any particular saint is not necessarily a pan-
      Orthodox matter,
      > and that iconography can and frequently does have a distinctly
      > character. Frankly, since no one holds a gun to our heads and
      tells us which
      > icons to venerate, we do have some God-given choice. This allows
      us to
      > exercise a bit of judgement. What's worse? An icon of a Roman
      > saint who loved animals and preached kindness to all of God's
      creation, or a
      > weeping icon fraudulently presented to extract offerings from the
      > We've seen both.
      > In Christ,
      > Vladimir Hindrichs
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