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7963In Christ's Church,Councils are the determining factor

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  • sergerust2002 <sergerust@hotmail.com>
    Mar 1, 2003
      To SR who wrote:
      > I learn that vl. Averky likewise opposed ecumenism and did not
      > consider the anathema «a damage».

      JRS answered:
      > «How could he? Vl. Averky had reposed in March,
      > 1976 -- more than 7 years prior to the Sobor of 1983!

      I apologize for this anachronism! I had in mind a recent post
      (Feb. 20):

      «B. Averky of blessed memory, in his last years always spoke
      of the heresy of ecumenism in his sermons and cried many times
      during these sermons».

      This statement is indisputable.

      Now you tell us that Archbishop Afanassy also shared this position!

      All ROCOR bishops (In Christ's Church, Councils are the determining
      factor) shared the anti-ecumenist position, not just HTM.

      And all the Old-calendarist groups in Greece, Bulgaria or Rumania
      share this position as well.

      Fr John, you did not answer my question: why was the anathema «a

      Is this your personal or your official opinion?

      Does your bishop bless it?

      Are we going to be judged on our personal or on our official

      Serge Rust
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