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772[orthodox-synod] Re: Vineta - a Germanic-Slavic myth...

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  • LJames6034@aol.com
    Oct 3, 1999
      When, recently, I spoke of the last Orthodox king of England to my favorite
      Greek, he facetiously answered: "Oh, was there a Greek or Russian king of

      No. Harold was both the last Orthodox king of the English (whose daughter
      married Vladimir Monomakh, the Great Prince of Kiev), and the last native
      king of the English. All the rest have been like the last Tsars, largely

      That's a hard sell, but it is the truth.

      As for the bread detail, it may be Gilbert and Sullivan have something to
      add. They might say: "It adds versimilitude to an otherwise bald and
      unconvincing tale."

      Nevertheless, it is fascinating. It may also even be true (in broad strokes,
      though, as I said earlier, the bread detail was likely intended as merely a
      rhetorical gesture).

      There's a wonderful book I confess I have never read, but the title is
      fascinating, too: "Lies My Teachers Taught Me."

      Remember how, during the Soviet Era, it was forbidden to believe the Russian
      state had been founded by Vikings. However forbidden, that is nevertheless
      the truth.

      The lie, however, is likely hidden in the medieval Russian Chronicle, when it
      said the people of Kiev wrote to Rurik and said: "We know about commerce,
      but we do not know government. O Noble Rurik, come and rule over us."

      The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, likewise lies when it says the Celtic people wrote
      to them and said: "O Noble Saxons, come and rule over us."

      Our word "history" comes frrom the French word "histoire," or "story."

      Napoleon was not entirely wrong, when he affirmed: "History is lies which
      have been agreed upon."

      The winners write history. Viking thugs become princes. It's a rule, if
      they are successful.

      Would you like to hear the one about the Chinese coming to the West Coast, in
      ships five times the size of those of Columbus?

      That happens to be true.

      Father Andrew
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