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770[orthodox-synod] Re: Vineta - a Germanic-Slavic myth...

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  • Rev Mark Gilstrap
    Oct 3, 1999
      Perhaps this balancing article will assuage some of Joseph Miller's

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      Subject: Vineta - a Germanic-Slavic myth...
      Sun, 3 Oct 1999 00:43:53 EDT

      Dear in-Christ list! A few days ago, historian Vladimir Moss posted a
      article on Vineta, the sunken Baltic Sea city. Where on earth do we get the
      idea that this was an Orthodox city? The way I read Adam von Bremen - and
      for that matter the highly speculative GEO article of last year, it was a
      pagan city that had a few Greek merchants, lots of Saxons, some Slavs, as
      well as everything else under the sun there. It was also subjected to Viking
      raids until the 12th century, and Virchow's speculation was that the city
      itself had been sacked by these. The three favored locations are all located
      between Barth and the Usedom in the northeastern tip of Germany. The last
      altars to Perun and Radegast were pulled down on Ruegen as late as 1645!!!
      Besides, it would be a strange Orthodox culture that promoted the use of
      bread products to wipe baby-butts.

      For the other cynics, it's also odd that all of the web hits one can find on
      this tremendous discovery are right up there with saucer kidnappings and crop

      FYI, there are significant archeological traces of a Slavic sunken city in
      the above-described area - circa 8th century. These were found by the German
      Rudolf Virchow in the 19th century. It would indeed be significant to
      identify a major Slavic "Orthodox" city two centuries before Cyril and

      Hmmm, and in Christ,

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