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7669Re: [orthodox-synod] Re: Re-baptism of other Orthodox

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  • orthodixie@aol.com
    Feb 7, 2003
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      Michael N. wrote: "Sorry Fr.John, but by your explanations it would mean
      that if one would partake of communion in a Latin Church he would not have to
      partake in an
      Orthodox Church. Because *Grace* came from God. You're falling under
      ecumenistic thoughts when you think like that. Reconsider what you have

      He was responding to Fr John Shaw who'd written: <<It is rather
      disconcerting when one gets the impression that such people are really
      "searching for more powerful rituals". In fact, this is not an Orthodox idea
      at all: the grace is bestowed by *God*, and the ritual is only an outward
      sign, so that we would be aware of what we
      are receiving.>>


      To all those who like to hurl stones labeled "ecumenism" and then run hide
      under the Anathema of 1983: You might want to read up on what the so-called
      "Branch Theory" actually states.

      According to the Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church, here's a
      definition of the Branch Theory:

      "The theory that, though the Church may have fallen into schism within itself
      and its several provinces or groups of provinces be out of communion with
      each other, each may yet be a 'branch' of the one Church of Christ, provided
      that it continues to hold the faith of the original undivided Church, and to
      maintain the Apostolic Succession of its bishops. Such, it is contended by
      many Anglican theologians, is the condition of the Church at the present
      time, there being now three main branches, the Roman, the Eastern, and the
      Anglican Communions."

      Though I've met many Russians who have, for decades, attended & participated
      in the sacraments of Episcopalian churches, I've never met an Orthodox
      clergyman who believes in the Branch Theory.

      Fr Joseph Huneycutt