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7667Re: [orthodox-synod] Esphigmenou monks extremists?

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  • Fr. Gregory Williams
    Feb 7, 2003
      Christ is in our midst! Please forgive delay, Father. Too much to do! I
      am of course well aware that this practice is widespread in our church, I
      think much to her detriment, and that of the people who are allowed, even
      encouraged by implication, to enter into such unions. I of course know of a
      few cases where (since God knows well how to write straight with crooked
      lines!) mixed marriages have ultimately led to the conversion of the
      non-Orthodox person. But I'm afraid I know of far more cases where at best
      a luke-warm sort of Orthodoxy on the part of one partner continues
      indefinitely, even if that.

      Of course, the issue of an existing marriage within which one partner
      becomes Orthodox is an entirely different matter.

      We never do anyone any good by watering down the Truth -- that's the route
      (so avidly embraced, it would seem, by at least a few of our clergy) to
      Episcopalianism or worse.
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