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764[orthodox-synod] Re: A legendary legend.

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  • Udut, Kenneth
    Oct 1, 1999
      I suspect the "bread rolls for wiping baby's bottoms"
      was probably an exaggeration by the historian, to get
      the point across that this was a *really* wealthy

      Although, noting the cost of baby wipes these
      days, perhaps using breadrolls *would* be
      cheaper :-)

      Kenneth Udut
      "Voistinu CHelovek
      `Etot byl Syn Bozhij!'"

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      |Subject: [orthodox-synod] A legendary legend.
      |There are those who are wondering just what the
      |entire provenance of the English newspaper story posted
      |first by Vladimir Moss and then Fr Mark Gilstrap
      |might be, regarding the 'lost city of Vineta.'
      |Is the 'mouth of the Oder' River really in the
      |North Sea? Did they really have that many
      |bread rolls?
      |So, the entire provenance of the story would include
      |the motive for writing it, right? And the motive for
      |posting it. Somehow it doesn't feel all that friendly.
      |Credibility, incredibility, credulosity, and the worst
      |of these is credulosity.
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