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763[orthodox-synod] Re: A legendary legend.

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  • emrys`nz
    Oct 1, 1999
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      Dear Father James,

      Some of my own ancestors were from Vineta, and the bread rolls were actually
      used to stuff the holes in the dykes and not for babies' bottoms.

      Fr Ambrose

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      Date: Saturday, 2 October 1999 00:53
      Subject: [orthodox-synod] Re: A legendary legend.

      >Maybe, Joseph,
      >But: That aside about bread might have been just another rhetorical
      >on the part of the writer.
      >Remember all that speculation about "Atlantis"? No less than Plato spoke
      >it. It may be there was such a place. It may be it was in the eastern
      >Mediterranean, rather than beyond the "Pillars of Hercules."
      >It may also be it never really existed.
      >Why bother with it?
      >It does no harm to think it might have been.
      >If there had been no French Revolution I, myself, would not be. Little as
      >have cared for that all these years, it was necessary for me to come into
      >existence. Had my father's mother's family not been driven here, my father
      >and mother could never have met. Hence, I could not exist.
      >Strange how such minor details (my existence) can come from events which
      >were grand in scope and intention, isn't it? Yet the grandest of all hopes
      >(Egalite, fraternite, etc.) came to nothing. The revolution ate its
      >children. Only those of us whose families were driven out can look back
      >smile, just as some of our ancestors laughed on their way to the
      >Father Andrew
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