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76[orthodox-synod] Re: Die Musik

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  • Robert S Miller
    Jun 12, 1999
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      Lermontov had Scots blood, hence genes. And
      the Royal Family had a Scots physician for some
      years, although the fated Dr. Botkin had succeeded him:
      Don't know the reason. And whether the Scots physician
      sang Znamenny chant is likewise unknown. The real
      point is that Orthdox Christianity is Universal/Catholic,
      so, the way I understand it, discussion of Znamenny or
      Kievan or Sibirsky Rospev concerns really how Russia
      adapted/adopted the Chant/Prayer from its Orthodox
      Enlightener, Byzantium.
      Some may think it puts too fine a point on it to say
      that what we like to hear in Church music puts the
      situation backward: We are supposed to allow ourselves
      to be formed by the Church, and we should not impose
      what we like on the Church. That, of course, is very
      idealistic. Pastorally, the Chant/Church music
      should not be a musical or aesthetic disaster,
      in any case: when the senses are jangled, so is the soul.
      In short, choirs, if functioning, should rehearse and
      rehearse until they get it right, singing whatever
      music leads the people to better communal prayer.
      Probably I got a little pompous here.

      Joseph M

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      > Subject: [orthodox-synod] Re: Die Musik
      > Date: Saturday, June 12, 1999 9:22 AM
      > >If Stravinsky wrote an "Our Father," I have never heard it.<
      > Me, either, but there were some things that we sang that my brother
      > not older) later categorized as being "po-stravinskomu" (roughly
      > "the Stravinksy way") because of our marked failures in execution.....
      > ;-D
      > FWIW, Lermontov had Scottish blood.


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