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7557Re: [orthodox-synod] Re: Pray!!! Help Esphigmenou

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  • Kiril Bart
    Feb 1, 2003
      Well.. if you want to save two dollars, why don't you
      read it yourself? Also simonia wouldn't apply in here,
      it's a little different subject, rather if someone is
      paying for being ordained.
      Subdeacon Kirill

      --- iris cherry <ancianos25@...> wrote:
      > >What about an Orthodox way to help someone in need,
      > >just go and order moleben with akathist at your
      > parish
      > >for persecuted monks of Espigmenou.
      > >Subdeacon Kirill
      > Don't forget to leave a crisp $1 bill to cover the
      > order (maybe an extra
      > dollar if you supersize it with the Akathist) so the
      > priest doesn't also
      > feel persecuted by the orthodox way. p.s. they
      > shouldn't complain anyway.
      > That would be simony. tongue in cheek, Iris
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