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7551Re: [orthodox-synod] Esphigmenou monks extremists?

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  • Rev. Sergei Overt
    Feb 1, 2003
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      Dear in Christ Fr. Gregory,
      You are right about what you say.
      Please know that Russian priests in ROCOR
      have always allowed this. (This is how our Russian parishioners understand
      it - "It is allowed" ).From New York to Chicago to Los Angeles(except in
      Archbishop Antony's diocese) to San Francisco to Vancouver. In every Russian
      ROCOR parish mixed marriages between Orthodox and other Christians are is
      I believe it has hurt the Russian parishes spiritually. In rare cases ( I
      have one in my parish) a good thing happened, the non-Orthodox spouse became
      Orthodox!Glory to God! I respect this very much. In most cases though the
      mixed marriage is just a compromise to not hurt the family.This is the
      reality of our ROCOR Fr. Gregory.
      I do not want to offend anyone by speaking about this delicate matter. I do
      believe it has hurt ROCOR over the years and now especially.
      I ask for your prayers, Fr. Gregory.
      With love in Christ,

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      > Christ is in our midst! Forgive me, fathers, but I guess I'll have to
      > confess to being an extremist. "We" in ROCOR, if it includes me (and a
      > significant number of others) do _not_ bestow the Church's blessing upon
      > unions between Orthodox Christians and heretics of any variety. Such
      > are quite explicitly and vehemently forbidden by the Church, frequent
      > "economies" in the present-day notwithstanding (see "Does the Orthodox
      > Church Permit Mixed Marriages", Living Orthodoxy, vol. XI #2, for
      > canonical and other citations).
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