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7547Re: Pray!!! Help Esphigmenou

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  • vkozyreff <vladimir.kozyreff@skynet.be>
    Feb 1, 2003
      Dear Father, bless.

      You write:

      "Sorry, extremism is now not what we in ROCOR follow. Although, it's
      not nice that the monks are being evicted..."

      What the ROCOR must make now clearer than ever, is that she will keep
      her stand about ecumenism: it is a heresy.

      Everybody will accept that extremism is not good. The only question
      is to know what definition of extremism you accept. Stopping at a red
      traffic light at night is considered an extremist behaviour by some
      people. Always stopping at a red traffic light during the day is
      considered an extremist behaviour by others. Among the latino-
      catholics, insisting on going to church once a week is considered
      extremist. For them, being an orthodox is being like a Taliban or a
      fundamentalist intolerant sectarian.

      As a priest, you are considered an extremist by the ecumenist, unless
      you are one of them. I hope they call you an extremist. Being
      called "extremist" by an ecumenist is a glory for a real orthodox.

      Let us not, with the pretence of demonstrating something, first give
      a derogatory adjective to an object that we do not like, and then
      state that, since the object deserved that adjective, so therefore it
      is wrong. You skipped the only interesting part of the discourse,
      which is: what do you call extremism in this case?

      The orthodox Church prohibits marriages with the non-orthodox, but
      will accept to apply economy in many cases, according to the local
      conditions. One of the cases where economy will be applied is when
      the orthodox are a minority, which would mean that, without economy,
      they would not be able to multiply, and thus to obey God's will in
      this regard.

      Let us not mix up the doctrine and the economy. See post
      6598 "orthodoxy combines the total refusal of any compromise in
      matters of faith and an incomparable loving care..."

      Refusing ecumenism is not being an extremist. It is just being
      orthodox. Being isolated is not being extremist, unorthodox or
      sectarian. Very often, orthodox are isolated, and they will be more
      and more so. Christ has warned us.

      In God,

      Vladimir Kozyreff

      --- In orthodox-synod@yahoogroups.com, "Rev. Sergei Overt"
      <frsovert@3...> wrote:
      > Yes, they have a very isolated ,extremist attitude.
      > For example,we in the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia
      > marriages between Roman Catholic and Orthodox Christians.
      > I guess the Esphigmenou monks would be against this also!
      > Sorry, extremism is now not what we in ROCOR follow.
      > Although, it's not nice that the monks are being evicted.
      > Orthodox people in Russia attending Moscow Patriarchate and in
      > attending Serbian Patriarchate churches would probably not agree
      with the
      > eviction also.
      > Fr. S.
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      > > > Here's a more thorough article about the Esphigmenou situation
      > >
      > > > http://www.athensnews.gr/athweb/nathens.prnt_article?
      > > > e=C&f=12998&t=01&m=A07&aa=1
      > >
      > > Some of the demands of the monks at Esphigmenou I don't follow.
      > > example..."to halt communication with those of other faiths." Are
      > > they referring to other Christian faiths, like Roman Catholics,
      > >
      > > luke
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