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7442Re: [orthodox-synod] Re: Respect for Fellow Orthodox (Formally Disdain)

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  • cwilliams
    Jan 15, 2003

      I would like to share concepts which allowed me to come to the conclusion I reached in my search for a God-JeanClaude relationship.

      Too many times people in search of truth manage to put themselves into the equation when actually we are trying to find an equation to put in ourselves. If we are looking for something we feel comfortable in we are making ourselves the equation. If we are looking for truth we are looking for something of which we become a part.

      The Creator of all things created us because it was his desire. As such I'm sure he revealed himself to his creatures early in order to have a relationship with them. This revelation had to be one that could be built upon and not one requiring a new foundation as the relationship developed. If we look to a God who has revealed himself and the manner in which he desires communion with man we must look further than Mohammed, Buddah or any of the other Johnny-come-lately's. The only firm revelation is found in the recorded history of God-man relationship as recorded in Genesis. The revealed truth is there and follows in it's increasing revelation on that foundation.

      As difficult as it is for many to accept the foundation of True Worship was the God-Abraham revelation. (In this is the prefiguring of the coming of fulfillment through Jesus Christ.) Upon this was built the Jesus Christ-Man revelation. This Truth is recorded in the Gospel writings. The earliest Christian manifestation is the present day Orthodox Christian Faith. All other "Christian" communities were a "split" from this Truth and as such reflects the fact they rejected the Truth presented in the original building of which Jesus Christ is the corner stone.

      If we allow experience to be our spiritual guide we would open ourselves all types of Man-? relationships. We must seek the one God has chosen for us and not the one we would choose for ourselves and God.


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