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7434[orthodox-synod] New Path

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  • Hristofor
    Jan 14 8:28 PM
      At 10:40 AM 1/13/2003, you wrote:
      >Dear Hristofor,
      >The recent dialogue below between Fr Seraphim Holland and Fr John Shaw is
      >hardly a product of our imagination.

      No offense to Frs Seraphim and John, but they are expressing their own
      opinions and views of the current situation. With the exception of the
      musings of Vl. Amvrosi and the German newspaper interview with Vl Mark, and
      etc, all of which have been thoroughly discussed on this list, I have yet
      to hear any other ROCA bishop express similar pro union views, either in
      the year that I have been on this list or elsewhere. Not one other bishop.
      Do one or two bishops set the course and direction of the whole Church? The
      more so since Vl Amvrosy is not a member of the Synod and thus doesn't even
      attend the more frequent synodal meetings. As a matter of fact, 2 bishops
      in separate private conversations have expressed to me a
      less-then-optimistic picture about the speed for union or communion.

      >The rapprochement with the MP is taking place,
      Isn't that what all we Russian emigrees have hoped and prayed for the last
      80 years? A lady in our parish now has relatives spread through 5
      _different_ Russian Orthodox jurisdictions, each one claiming to be The
      Russian Orthodox Church. I myself have them in 3. If someone happens to
      have some Ukrainian relatives as well, that could theoretically bring the
      total up to 8 or 9 jurisdictions. Is this normal? Surely you have heard the
      adage "Concur and divide?" Looks like that is what is happening. I have
      already mentioned how many Orthodox souls in the US have fallen or drifted
      away due to marriage etc. How many more need to be lost, because through
      the tragedy of the Revolution and the Diaspora, the Russian Orthodox no
      longer speak with one mind and voice? Who will answer for these people who
      have drifted away?

      >We see now our priest acknowledging it in the face of the world that
      >they accept with joy communion with the heretical MP.
      >Father Seraphim writes that he is ready to a complete union with the
      >sergianist-ecumenist MP if the synod desires it, in spite of the
      >anathemas of 1983 and 1918. Fr John is confirming the probability of
      >the rapprochement which is already seen in the October 2000 letter
      >from the Synod to the Patriarch of Serbia: "... the desired
      >rapprochement will advance, ...")

      BTW, Metropolitan Vitaly signed the letter to the Serbian Patriarch, did he
      not? Or did he "realise this mistake and remove his signature from that
      letter as well." There have been so many ukases followed by retractions
      from Mansonville with his purported signature, that it is hard to keep

      Mr Kozyrev's arguments aside for correcting a mistake, I wonder how many
      ukazes ROCA has issued in it's 80 year history that have later had
      signatures retracted from them? Certainly, there have been ukazes changing,
      abolishing or amending previous ones, as a situation may warrant, but those
      were always done with a majority of the bishops and not unilaterally. Since
      Mr Kozyreff has dismissed Fr Alexander's 3 reasons for signature
      retraction, what then could possibly have changed Vl. Varnava's mind? I
      presume all the bishops were privy to all the same information: they are
      all learned and knowledgeable about the current state of World Orthodoxy
      when the issue of the letter to Patr. Pavle arose. On the other hand, I
      don't know of any major scandal or crisis which erupted in the Serbian
      Church directly after our October sobor which would have changed Vl.
      Varnava's mind so abruptly.

      >We see now our priest acknowledging it in the face of the world that they
      >accept with joy communion with the heretical MP.

      Well, only you and a few others operate under the premise that the MP is

      One of the oddest parts to phantom about the schism (assuming that the
      reason for it is union/communion with Moscow, which I sincerely doubt) is
      that most of the issues and concerns troubling the French have been
      occurring in one form or another for years, without much ado. And
      then--boom!--in an instant, the French are in schism. For instance, just
      before the split, right there on rue Claude Lorrain, the Moscow
      myhrr-bearing icon of Tsar-Martyr Nikolai II is brought from Russia and is
      in our Parisian parish to be venerated. Fast-forward two years later and
      now some of the same people who venerated the icon are saying that the MP
      is heretical!!

      >And in:
      >"We acknowledge that various views on the course of the Church of
      >Russia exist among us, and it happens that these views do not always
      >coincide". (Epistle of the Council of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox
      >Church Outside of Russia To the Divinely Saved Flock in the
      >Homeland). In http://www.holyvirginmaryrocor.org/epistle10-31-01-
      >Well, dear Hristofor, this is what we call the new path/views in the

      During the years of Soviet power, I never imagined how the USSR would meet
      its demise and I certainly didn't think that it would happen the way it
      would. As much as I would have loved for the USSR to disappear and the
      clock turn back to 1917, it just didn't happen that way. Hatred of the USSR
      and all the bad things which happened to Russia in the past century should
      not turn in to an illogical stumbling block which paralyzes all present and
      future activity.

      Labelling everything from the current activities of the MP to banning
      Christmas in an American school "sergianism" really belittles the true
      meaning of the word and does a disservice to all those who spoke out
      against Metropolitan Sergius and were subsequently martyred.

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